Saturday, March 31, 2012

i think

 i think he don't like me
maybe YES!
he don't like me
i think i want to give up on him

Dear You,

Maybe you deserve a better girl 
I'm okay with it.
i just want confirmation
if you don't like me then,
please do explain it to me.
the silence do suffering me a lot.
just say it.
forsure i will be ok.


i'm tired of waiting~
waiting for your call~
waiting for your message~
and i starting to give up~
and I've died everyday waiting for you~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i had a nightmare yesterday,

yet still waiting for him...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy birthday to you

28th February,

i got a msg,
and the content is

When I woke this morning, i know today is an important day in my life..
I never fail to remember this fact it was saved as a reminder in my hp calender, @8 o'clock my alarm is a notifier of mom's birthday..i used to call her and wished her a wonderful day, a good health and longevity with the blessing from Allah, but today, 28/2 next year and year after won't be the same as mom is no longer to pick up the phone and hear the wishes from us..but i still want to wish her..selamat hari jadi mak..semoga Allah berikan keampunan buat mak, kesihatan yang baik, diberikan afiat, kesejahteraan dan nikmat di alam sana..Ya Allah, cucurilah rahmat ke atas roh mak kami dan tempatkanlah mak bersama orang yang soleh, beriman dan kau sayangi...amin..mari kita sama2 sedekahkan Fatihah ..baca Yassin untuk mak..sedekahkan duit dekat masjid..singgit pon takpo..janji sedekah..niatkan utk mak...

received this on 28th Feb 2012 on 12.06pm.
and i after read my tears automatically flow...
like it couldn't be stop..
and jadi x tahu nak buat kerja
......and it comes from Along Alin


and the pictures were taken on our last Eid Fitry with mom, she likes to take a photo, same as me.