Friday, December 27, 2013



Dear Baby Boo Blog,


It's 27th of December!

I'm searching some positive capsules for my life and my mind,

What Am I thinking off?

Being shock by new news.

I'm in a big worries :'(



I read this intermittently,

cause have some other things to do.


Found this article useful and motivate myself too.

Divert my attention to something different..



Dear Allah,

In the Name of Allah,

Please forgive me,

Accept my repentance,

For all sins and wrong doings that I've done.

Deeply sorry :(

Ya Allah,

save my family from unknown strangers with bad intention,

Please remain our happiness untill Jannah Adn'n.....

Keep this tight bond until forever with ur Redho..



Hadapkan saje...

But when i saw this,

written by my dad

rase sayu and sedey, bila baca ni,

rase motivasi sikit, tak kisah lah apa orang

nak cakap pasal kita kan...

pujuk hati dan diri sendiri :(

rase takde sape-sape yang hirau..

takde sape dengan kita, but Allah kan ada..

depends on yourself ..

Rindu mak...

Seriously :(








Thursday, December 12, 2013



Dear Boo,



I'm bit weng weng today

5127J Jadi 5127K

motip sangat salah...



Read my previos post

last year and last 2 years,

macam2 dah tulis gh0penye...

sedar tak sedar...dah nak abeh tahun 2013 dah..

tapi wishlist aka itemlist ade 1 je dah dapat..

len2 tak dapat lagi..

tak mampu tekau eyh...

apo laaa nak jadi..


ape2 pon....

kite mampu merancang..

Allah yang menentukan..

Redha je lah...


5 je pon itemlist eh...

1 je dapek...


tak fokus nak sebenarnye..

klu fokus..dapek gak ghaso eh...



okay B,

recently suke nak update blog..

walopon tade cite best..

sekian harap maklum




Si Kembar nama  da dapat baby..


da tmbh anak buah lg

mesti comey cam homak eh...


xsabau nak nengok baby dak tecik yg dah jadi mama ni...













Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Fulltime Samsunger




Dear Baby Boo Blog a.k.a. BBB (banyak nau lak B nyer haiii),



Should I reveal my true mood?

How i wish i can...

could i stop pretending?

could i demolish all this fake smile?

could i hands up and launch some series of slingshot?

btw yesterday i did some story telling with the kids,

it is about a family of greedy pigs and a family of an angry birds,

primary school is somehow get attracted with this kind of story,

instead of love story without a happy ending, it's not about Fiona and Shrek,

well, no worries on that, no hanky panky no donkey monkey and no pico pico pong pong?

I'm blabbering without no reason somehow?

Don't know what to write actually, but i want to write something here...


Hey do you know how to spell LIPAS in English?


or you know how to pronounce it in English...

It is a homework by then...




Duhai Hati Yang Berbolak Balik,


There must be a reason behind..

Untold Hikmah, Unexplain Sebab, Unexpected Perkara,

Positive Thinking ye Cik Siti!


Dear Allah,

Sihat sejahterakanlah mereka2 yg daku sayang,

Jauhkanlah bala bencana dan siksa api neraka,

Ampuni kami Ya Allah.........



it's me with SAMSUNG SMOCK!

Koya nau lak ayat neh..



I'm in mess actually,

if only u knew it....


see the greenery scenery,hopefully mata ni sihat je..


Till then B,

Meet again~

Hug n Kisses from me!

Heart You!






Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Ini adalah statistics entry blog I..

As shown below in the picture

Start blogging pada tahun 2009...
Lepas tu...semakin rajin update blog masa tahun 2010
Lepas tu da makin malas start tahun 2011

Hipotesis yang boleh di simpulkan disini ialah

Semakin meningkat tahun..semakin malas nak update blog semakin banyak masalah dan semakin banyak masa membusykan diri...

Nak belajar sayang diri sendiri dulu baru sayang orang laen...
Tapi masalah nye sekarang. .Sayang orang laen melebihi diri sendiri...motip sangat statement ini dengan statistics diatas...

2014 harapan rajin update blog..

Abeh break da...xley nk ngomel lame2 kat sini

Monday, December 2, 2013

Moanday!~ Mood Gone------->

Dear Boo,


I'm bored today,

Seem that my mind will keep going fly up above in the sky

Hate that the situation when you don't know what to do.

And your mind keep on thinking unnecessary things

Just to think of it but then there will be no solution at all

Cause everything is depend on you

You are the one who decide it on your own

If million people try to influence you

It will not be on going  or

to be so effective unless you start to act it by your own

Not just only action, somehow your attitude also influence your decision.

Boredom to the maximum level, as today is Monday

Should i write it Moanday.. :(


I'm searching for an idea or to come out with more ideas

Only for works...Oh No..I think i want to vomit now...

seem that my mind can't find and tune to the right mode..

Somehow life is so difficult to think of rather than to face it off..


but i think both are hard to understand, besides to explain in a word,

it was just a meticulous, to brief in a word,

such a difficult explanation.


Dear B,


I've a lot to tell ya,

as usual, I always have anything to tell ya

but yet i don't know or I don't think that is it rational to share with you

you will not going to understand me as people out there will not going too.

be at my side or just left me with what..


Hey Boo,

I think of below: See it clearly can?








actually there's no picture to upload then i found all these in my pc

so i just upload it here..


Seem that you will know what it means right?

MONEY! to Jalan2 either with MR OLLEN or Aeroplane..

I want a vacay again!!!


Dear Mood,

Could you please change me to the kurang RAJEN kepada SANGATlah RAJEN pls



Jealousy with the one who gifted ..

but actually hardwork is depend on yourself

it is not gifted right..

Merepek merapu meraban je!





chayok3! SITI :)



Sometimes I think do rich people actually satisfy or happy with what they have now?

I need to learn to be thankful and grateful with what I have now





Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Post In Dec.

Dear B,


Assalammualaikum wbt,

How days going on?

It's been a while, i didn't publih any post here.

I'm not a real blogger actually and do blog for fun.
I'm not blogging just to humiliate or gossip about others.

It's more about myself and what actually happen to me.

Well, forsure you miss my story more than me right B.


Baby Boo Blog,

I have so many things to tell ya!

It's about my career path...

Btw I'm trying something new..

A part time job actually,

Still learning to adapt into new situation

new surroundings,

a bit interesting session btw.


Eventhough I'm not good in it,

at least I'm trying my best for it..



Glad that I'm still have a chance to breath in

Still can live in this beautiful life create by our Lord.

Baby Boo Blog..

I do miss you so much.

Can't blog too much during my work day.

Haha btw you know it well, pathetic lifestyle here..

Transfer to new section heee....WIP

abbreviation to Work In Progress, also need to take care Sub Contract.

Taking care Semi FInished Good rather than Raw Materials previously,

How I can manage it on my least I do have supporter whom are work more longer here

They are experienced worker and know much better than me...

As well as forced to learn new system.

Btw I'm not good in it.

Still learn and try to understand sytem logic.

Poor me, I might not know how to use it well.


The daily and weekly report,

It is just a tense!


Hey, how about my weekend intead of weekdays?

weekend is some more exciting...BOooooOOOoOOOo!

Really was!

Awesome and sometimes B.O.R.E.D if don't have anything to do!

Poor Me.


haha...mind over words more than mind over matters!



What Am I doing during my freetime?

Whatcha baby!

I read this novel btw,

Berikan AKU BAHAGIA! (macam kene je....macam kene jeeeee) heee




Thanks to the person who gave me this novel.

I do love the giver and do love the novel too.



Lots of LOVE.

Why am I chose this novel?

Cause it writer, been written by Damya Hanna.

I love to read her novel btw.

But then to be truth all of her novel were given to me as a GIFT.


I do have 3 of  her novels and those 3 were given to me as a gift

1st - Bicara Hati

2nd - Sepi Tanpa Cinta

3rd - Berikan Aku Bahagia


The reminiscence of reading novels right after PMR examination.
I do start reading novel after PMR exam was over.

That was a quick start. haha

but to buy it on my own..I am not going to spend my money for it

I bought TWILIGHT novels only...and the 3 episodes/series..

I don't have breaking dawn jer...

Perhaps i buy it later as a collection.

I bought it all when was I was working at KL.

Near MIDvalley and spend my day at MPH reading novels there..

Once upon a time...heee throwback!


but not now, i spend more hours with my works and PC.


Till then B,

Till meet again with new post from me.

Blur to continue writing, and my motive?

don't have one,

Just want to update an entry here today.


Lots of Love from Me,

Love till the end of time,












Monday, October 7, 2013


okay bai!
tu jeeee nak update...
heeee :P

Friday, September 6, 2013

An Update

Dear Baby Boo,


just wanna upload some picca here..

The latest picca..
somewhere at seremban :)
Life is all about a choice,
If you want it to be dull,
it will be..
my life as usual,
dull, monotonous and sometimes happy :)

I chose to be happy
and I am a happy person

I chose to be indie
so happy belated indie day Malaysia!
it's 56th if i'm not mistaken..
seriously mood of own-self rather than to involve with
others hot topic issues about politics, socio-economy or whatsoever lah!
the fuel or tank..etc!

felt that i don't know the real me!
where am I..
who I am..
where I belong
and where my belongings
wondering all those things..
so I shouldn't right..

reading twilight all over again..
episode 14.
haha why?
don't really know..

Monday, July 22, 2013

show me the way

Dear baby boo blog..
Happy fasting month..

Career conflict & broken hearted
Which more worsen than this?

O Allah..tunjuk kan jalan keluar.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Dear B,

How are you?
Really miss you now,
I  had a vacay last 2 weeks i think,
somewhere at Malaysia,
It is an island with a tranquility scenery

To think and finally tired and just ignore it a bit..
let's divert attention to the exciting moments

just want to share some picca here
SubhanAllah seriously the scenery is calming

the awan nano~

the scenery in front of the resort

the bluey water with the fish

there are so many fish at the sea!

the crabs and so on, there are turtles too..but xupload here

the nemo! soooo cute nemo :)

have fun with snorkelling and diving session

layan jiwa kacau~

the scene at the jetty

seriously cun~

and the scene atas bukit.

I think that's all for today's post. Can't share all of it. Btw this is the only things that make me happy, travel around, but to be truth, just go, go,even it;s too far, million miles away pon you will not going to forget all those messy things with you right, problem if we can left it behind, it is just a liar who can said like that, i left my problem behind and I'm 100% happy with the vacation, Totally rubbish!

I just want happiness, I don't have to be a famous or rich, I just want to be happy me!

layan this song

Who said ALLAH tu kejam, walaupun ada kesedihan pada Jun 2013 ni, ada jugak kegembiraan pinjaman yang diberi, walaupon sekejap, jadilah.. :) Thanks Allah..
Allah tarik sedikit nikmat, dia beri nikmat lain pulak..SubhanAllah,,,
seeking for forgiveness from Allah.. Dear Sya'aban..please be good to me.. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Never Say GoodBye June Irony

Dear B,

It's Isra' Mikraj today...

I've a lot of things to tell you..


Deep hurt and in pain.

Don't know to whom I should tell this.


Back to June 2011

It was a month full of sadness, there's so much pain on that June, seriously.

Lost the one that I love the most.

Al-Fatihah to My Late Lovely Mom

Hajah Azizah Binti Hajah Norpiah.

Allahumma firlaha warhamha wa'afiha wa'fu'anha..

AL-Fatihah khususan ila ruhi Hajah Azizah Binti Hajah Norpiah laha...

Dengan Menyebut NamaMu Ya Allah,

Yang Maha Pengasih Penyayang,

Segala Puji BagiMu Ya Allah,

Pemelihara Seluruh Alam Raya,

Engkau Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang,

Yang Menguasai Hari Pembalasan,

KepadaMu Kami Menyembah dan padaMu kami mohon pertolongan,

Tunjukkanlah kami ke jalan yang lurus,

Jalan orang-orang yang kau beri nikmat,

Bukan jalan mereka yang kau murkai,

Dan bukan jalan mereka yang sesat.

Ada hikmahnya...yet we don't barely know the reason is.

Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Almost 2 years..but yet macam semalam i lost her.

macam semalam je doctor said sorry to me coz can't save mom

and macam semalam je rase berada dekat wad 6 tengok mom left me

and masa-masa terakhir tu mom always ask, dah pukul berapa,

and keep repeating it...tak tahu pon yang her time has come on that day

seriously tak terdetik pon she will left us on that day...

Dua tahun dah nak berlalu..her loves is still around..but i'm sorry mom..

I can't do like what you did..i can't help dad..and I can't hold my tears for you..

and sampai sekarang I tak faham why my mom left me in front of me,

not in front of my dad or else my siblings,

i just don't get the answer yet..

still searching for an answer...

June 2012

This month of the year was totally awesome.

I never imagined that i can be there.

Thanks Allah for the sweetest and memorable moment ever.

(will tell you more on the next post if I do really tak busy and rajin nak blogging)

June 2013?




Being cheat by someone you TRUST the most

Being left by someone you LOVE the most

and paling sakit sekali to forcing laughter, fake a smile and pretend that nothing happen for both hurt the most statement tu..

Kenapa perlu menipu?

Bercakaplah benar sekalipun ia pahit!

Penipuan tu tak kan bawak you ke mana..

Tipu lah macam mana pon..

If really yes, finally you been caught jugak..

Irrational! and ridiculous!~

Dear Heart Breaker aka Heart Destructor = Heart player ,

Pls stop playing with someone's heart.

Pls stop playing around.

You never know how hurt it was if someone plays with your heart.

Just be honest to them, and tell them the truth.

Eventhough it's hurt. but then they won't be suffered for the entire of their life.

Better to kill them rather than do all this fake action of love, just to temporary comfort them.

Am I right B?

I hate LIES and evenmore the LIARS too..hate!HATE!

Tak senang untuk memaafkan, penipuan yang tak boleh dimaafkan,

yet I'm not a God right, I have no right to not to forgive people.

maybe can, but not now it takes time.

I'm terribly hurt now.

Pls give me a courage to forgive someone who did hurt me so bad.

and I'm sorry for those whom I did hurt them. I'm deeply sorry.

JUNE 2014



kalau dah xde mungkin jadi kebahagiaan kat semua orang didunia ni kan..

esspecially orang yang menyampah and hate me a lot

tak ade yang sakit dan menangis, happy coz I'm gone..

but yet I'm not Tuhan, tak tahu bila masa diambil nyawa ni..

Semoga Allah memperindahkan June 2014 nanti jika berkesempatan dan diberi peluang untuk hidup lagi di dunia ni.
and i keep bear in my mind, Orang-orang yang kita sayang hanyalah pinjaman, bila-bila masa je Allah will ambil dia dari kita,
mungkin hatinya, mungkin jasadnya, mungkin keseluruhannya,
Redhalah wahai Cik Siti!

I'm not a good girl, I did sins,

Please forgive me Ya Allah for all my sins that I've done.

saya mungkin tak cantik
saya mungkin tak baik
saya mungkin tak sempurna
saya tak seperti ape yang awak inginkan
tapi saya punya hati,
punya hati dan perasaan
hati dan perasaan yang bukan untuk dipermainkan sewenang-wenangnya
senang je nak cakap sayang and cinta dekat orang, tapi jangan sesekali cakap kalau awak tak maksudkannya..

Thanks for hurting me a lot.
Thanks for the lies too.
At least I know the real truth of you.

Terima Kasih Allah untuk kebenaran ini.

Lesson Learn:

Don't let yourself drowning and lost with love words from MEN!

He is a liar and he let you trust them with those sweet words.

He is a sweet talker and he act like a pro.

He is a cheater and broke his promises in a minute.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

it's june...


Want to tell some stories about June..
The reminiscences of June..

But then...don't know where to start..obviously there's nothing special...
I shouldn't have to tell it yet..

Dear B..

I miss someone special...
Yet I don't know should I tell you in this..

I want to do these things with you

Monday, May 27, 2013

deeply sad

Dear b..

This was totally sad..
ToDay..don't know why..
 Miss my mom

Thanks for the words Along

Monday, May 20, 2013

my best usm buddy suda kawen..yeayyy

Assalammualaikum Dear Baby Boo Blog...

How are you today?
Hoping that you are fine there..
Do you miss me B..?

Haha..blushing la tuu..
I know you miss me...but unwanted stalker absolutely miss me more right..opss not miss me more but miss my entry more..

 Have some update today..
Last weekend I had so much fun with the ex U mates yang awesome. .

THEY are

Ayu Shafrina

Mang Izyana

Sedey opah jan tak hado..
Last minute cancel plan
Coz she got a class to be tutored..
Sedey sekali...can it be approved leave been cancelled last minute...fortunate that jan is the one who face it..if me then I just don't how to handle

She's so beautiful as she is as usual..

Btw her spouse is my excoursemate dekat U
And she is my ex school mate mase dekat U jugak..berjodohan mereka ni..btw I jadi unplanned bridesmaid..haishhh she chose me pulakk aiii...layankan hajooo..
Ayu ngelat xmo jadi penyepit..padahal baju die da sedondon da...I je out of theme sket..

Last piece before balek

Geng mak jemah with the pengantin yang tak kurang mak jemahnye jugak

Lame gils tak camwhore dengan dia ni..
Seriously rindu zaman dolu kale

Penyepit and flower girls tak lupe berhenna jugeeee

Dan minah yang paling gile camera skali harussslah wajib hado gambar blakon kannn...

B..okay da..tu je nak cite hari ni..nak solat isya jap..sehingga bertemu kembali. .tatata b...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

takde tajuk

Hi B,

How are you,
Hoping that you are fine,
Of course you are right?

I just want to share this song
Sad :'(

Just don't want to be sad anymore,
Let's have some fun.
Btw, i listen to this song today, when I'm on my way to home, and you know what
It was my 1st time to listen this song btw.


i wish for an everlasting happiness :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

FOrGive and FOrGet~

Dad is going THERE again,
yet I know I won't be able to follow him.
I wish for a miracle happen
so that I'll be there again,

I want the tranquility 
which couldn't be found here.
I MISS all the moments there.
Hoping that there will be another 
chance and opportunity to go there.

Perhaps Dua' being heard.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saya Tak Sempurna & Saya Bukan Malaikat

Assalammualaikum B,

Selamat Hari Khamis :)

I need something from you,
Could u please lend me your ears for a while,
and just listen to me,
Oh my baby boo blog,
Could u please say yes?

I promise that I'll not share my recent problems with you B,
I just want to recall some moments,

I'm sorry, I"m not a perfect person yet I'm not an angel too.(tp bukan Shaitonnirrajim)
I just want to share my feelings with you, what i felt for the past few months of 2013.
People hates me for the things that they unsure about, they don't know the truth.
Outer-side I'm the one who will be blamed for, but actual condition and situation they just don't know.
Why judging the inner-side of people who you don't know him or her well?
You are not the Creator , you can't simply judge people right?.

I'm tired!
Terribly tired...and the surround was so pathetic too.
I think that I just can't control myself.
I can't stand still.
Seem the messy mind things won't go out of my mind.
I need a vacay~

The stresses of responsible towards what you have or need to gain for the entire of your life.
This statement sound ridiculous but yet it do affected my consequences of life.
Again, thanks Allah for the challenges and the courage to endure the pain and love of life events.

People can talk bad about you, yet it won't affected much of your feelings, mood and thought to them.
How brave and strong to just simply ignore what they said. Badmouth people are just hate with what you have because they suffer a heart disease right. How I wish I can be a wondergirl~ Opss not K-pop wondergirl tuuu..absolutely not..supergirl with supernatural gifted..ehem..effected with movies..oh no!
suka sangat gambau ni!xnmpk muke..the scenery was Subhanallah cantiknye! ciptaan Allah awesome!   

Last week I berkesempatan nengok cite AKU,KAU DIA,
this cerita best! sedey n I nanges kot nengoknye..
lagu pon besh
meh tempek lagu2 OST kt sini
Cerita die best, sedey, dan sedey, but finally it was an happy ending jugak

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sabarlah Hati


ni nak share lagu best,


 shiapa nak teman I nengok cite twilight breaking dawn?

Friday, April 19, 2013


Dear B ♥♡♥♡♥♡...

Been busy with work but then still tried to spent some hours with my friend. .

On the 17th April was Mang's birthday..
We had a dinner at Damsyik..
Mang's is going to umrah for the second time..she's so lucky and fortunately met her before she's going there.  Hopefully I'll get another chances to go there...
I'm hoping that mang will recite my letter of dua' there and perhaps being heard by our Lord. Ameen...
Its been a while we didn't meet and have a gossiping session together. .really miss the moments when we were at university...
Have fun together...dinner almost together..cook..sports..hang time..ohh thats is life!

Dalam kesibutan kerja..sompek lae...
Ayu likes to go here..and the nasik arab taste good...

The shaypot!
Shay taste best!
Pahit2 tapi sodap...
Rasa macam tak rasa..
Don't know how to describe