Thursday, June 6, 2013

Never Say GoodBye June Irony

Dear B,

It's Isra' Mikraj today...

I've a lot of things to tell you..


Deep hurt and in pain.

Don't know to whom I should tell this.


Back to June 2011

It was a month full of sadness, there's so much pain on that June, seriously.

Lost the one that I love the most.

Al-Fatihah to My Late Lovely Mom

Hajah Azizah Binti Hajah Norpiah.

Allahumma firlaha warhamha wa'afiha wa'fu'anha..

AL-Fatihah khususan ila ruhi Hajah Azizah Binti Hajah Norpiah laha...

Dengan Menyebut NamaMu Ya Allah,

Yang Maha Pengasih Penyayang,

Segala Puji BagiMu Ya Allah,

Pemelihara Seluruh Alam Raya,

Engkau Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang,

Yang Menguasai Hari Pembalasan,

KepadaMu Kami Menyembah dan padaMu kami mohon pertolongan,

Tunjukkanlah kami ke jalan yang lurus,

Jalan orang-orang yang kau beri nikmat,

Bukan jalan mereka yang kau murkai,

Dan bukan jalan mereka yang sesat.

Ada hikmahnya...yet we don't barely know the reason is.

Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Almost 2 years..but yet macam semalam i lost her.

macam semalam je doctor said sorry to me coz can't save mom

and macam semalam je rase berada dekat wad 6 tengok mom left me

and masa-masa terakhir tu mom always ask, dah pukul berapa,

and keep repeating it...tak tahu pon yang her time has come on that day

seriously tak terdetik pon she will left us on that day...

Dua tahun dah nak berlalu..her loves is still around..but i'm sorry mom..

I can't do like what you did..i can't help dad..and I can't hold my tears for you..

and sampai sekarang I tak faham why my mom left me in front of me,

not in front of my dad or else my siblings,

i just don't get the answer yet..

still searching for an answer...

June 2012

This month of the year was totally awesome.

I never imagined that i can be there.

Thanks Allah for the sweetest and memorable moment ever.

(will tell you more on the next post if I do really tak busy and rajin nak blogging)

June 2013?




Being cheat by someone you TRUST the most

Being left by someone you LOVE the most

and paling sakit sekali to forcing laughter, fake a smile and pretend that nothing happen for both hurt the most statement tu..

Kenapa perlu menipu?

Bercakaplah benar sekalipun ia pahit!

Penipuan tu tak kan bawak you ke mana..

Tipu lah macam mana pon..

If really yes, finally you been caught jugak..

Irrational! and ridiculous!~

Dear Heart Breaker aka Heart Destructor = Heart player ,

Pls stop playing with someone's heart.

Pls stop playing around.

You never know how hurt it was if someone plays with your heart.

Just be honest to them, and tell them the truth.

Eventhough it's hurt. but then they won't be suffered for the entire of their life.

Better to kill them rather than do all this fake action of love, just to temporary comfort them.

Am I right B?

I hate LIES and evenmore the LIARS too..hate!HATE!

Tak senang untuk memaafkan, penipuan yang tak boleh dimaafkan,

yet I'm not a God right, I have no right to not to forgive people.

maybe can, but not now it takes time.

I'm terribly hurt now.

Pls give me a courage to forgive someone who did hurt me so bad.

and I'm sorry for those whom I did hurt them. I'm deeply sorry.

JUNE 2014



kalau dah xde mungkin jadi kebahagiaan kat semua orang didunia ni kan..

esspecially orang yang menyampah and hate me a lot

tak ade yang sakit dan menangis, happy coz I'm gone..

but yet I'm not Tuhan, tak tahu bila masa diambil nyawa ni..

Semoga Allah memperindahkan June 2014 nanti jika berkesempatan dan diberi peluang untuk hidup lagi di dunia ni.
and i keep bear in my mind, Orang-orang yang kita sayang hanyalah pinjaman, bila-bila masa je Allah will ambil dia dari kita,
mungkin hatinya, mungkin jasadnya, mungkin keseluruhannya,
Redhalah wahai Cik Siti!

I'm not a good girl, I did sins,

Please forgive me Ya Allah for all my sins that I've done.

saya mungkin tak cantik
saya mungkin tak baik
saya mungkin tak sempurna
saya tak seperti ape yang awak inginkan
tapi saya punya hati,
punya hati dan perasaan
hati dan perasaan yang bukan untuk dipermainkan sewenang-wenangnya
senang je nak cakap sayang and cinta dekat orang, tapi jangan sesekali cakap kalau awak tak maksudkannya..

Thanks for hurting me a lot.
Thanks for the lies too.
At least I know the real truth of you.

Terima Kasih Allah untuk kebenaran ini.

Lesson Learn:

Don't let yourself drowning and lost with love words from MEN!

He is a liar and he let you trust them with those sweet words.

He is a sweet talker and he act like a pro.

He is a cheater and broke his promises in a minute.


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~cinderella~ said...

june next shaa Allah there is a gift from Allah that called happiness =)

Me pray for ur happiness always and always and always that u will get the best husband ever =)

move on!! me loves you =)