Monday, June 24, 2013


Dear B,

How are you?
Really miss you now,
I  had a vacay last 2 weeks i think,
somewhere at Malaysia,
It is an island with a tranquility scenery

To think and finally tired and just ignore it a bit..
let's divert attention to the exciting moments

just want to share some picca here
SubhanAllah seriously the scenery is calming

the awan nano~

the scenery in front of the resort

the bluey water with the fish

there are so many fish at the sea!

the crabs and so on, there are turtles too..but xupload here

the nemo! soooo cute nemo :)

have fun with snorkelling and diving session

layan jiwa kacau~

the scene at the jetty

seriously cun~

and the scene atas bukit.

I think that's all for today's post. Can't share all of it. Btw this is the only things that make me happy, travel around, but to be truth, just go, go,even it;s too far, million miles away pon you will not going to forget all those messy things with you right, problem if we can left it behind, it is just a liar who can said like that, i left my problem behind and I'm 100% happy with the vacation, Totally rubbish!

I just want happiness, I don't have to be a famous or rich, I just want to be happy me!

layan this song

Who said ALLAH tu kejam, walaupun ada kesedihan pada Jun 2013 ni, ada jugak kegembiraan pinjaman yang diberi, walaupon sekejap, jadilah.. :) Thanks Allah..
Allah tarik sedikit nikmat, dia beri nikmat lain pulak..SubhanAllah,,,
seeking for forgiveness from Allah.. Dear Sya'aban..please be good to me.. :)

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