Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sabarlah Hati


ni nak share lagu best,


 shiapa nak teman I nengok cite twilight breaking dawn?

Friday, April 19, 2013


Dear B ♥♡♥♡♥♡...

Been busy with work but then still tried to spent some hours with my friend. .

On the 17th April was Mang's birthday..
We had a dinner at Damsyik..
Mang's is going to umrah for the second time..she's so lucky and fortunately met her before she's going there.  Hopefully I'll get another chances to go there...
I'm hoping that mang will recite my letter of dua' there and perhaps being heard by our Lord. Ameen...
Its been a while we didn't meet and have a gossiping session together. .really miss the moments when we were at university...
Have fun together...dinner almost together..cook..sports..hang out..movie time..ohh thats is life!

Dalam kesibutan kerja..sompek lae...
Ayu likes to go here..and the nasik arab taste good...

The shaypot!
Shay taste best!
Pahit2 tapi sodap...
Rasa macam tak rasa..
Don't know how to describe

Sunday, April 14, 2013

gulai siput sedut.

Dear B..

IT'S been a while..I cudn't remember when it was a last time I ate this gulai..
Tibe2 few weeks back terasa cam nak makan this gulai siput..serious lama dh tak rasa masakan ni..
I told my sis thru our family group WhatsApp..last 2 weeks..Ateh Noora did try to search this siput at zemart unfortunately takde jual kat sane..so tak ley la nak masak kan...so tak pe lah...tak ade rezeki..and yesterday Along Alin did buy this gulai for us! Yeay..I'm seriously happy..hey! Ape kene mengena this siput sedut with my life?
Nak tau ke b? It's just that I miss the memory when mom use to cook for us..mom suka masak this gulai..when I was a kid dulu..ayah or mom yang dulu tolong sedutkan untuk I bila we had a family lunch or dinner. .I miss that moment..I miss mom more.. still remember masa mom nak basuh the siput..then the siput da merayau2 da..huhu..just nice..still remember mom did siang the siput..and the gulai was awesome..taste well with the pedas..gulai masak lemak mom Terbahekkk. .seriously miss all about mom now..da seminggu tak ziarah mom..coz in a week of mamnu'..and yesterday I went there after work..cried all over again..told her about my stresses of work loads..about everything...I told her that I miss her so much..I need her..miss her hug and kisses..Miss all about her again..I know I wouldn't have any chance to meet her again..I know that..I beg that if I can have a chance to see her again eventho in a dream..actually I want to share a cerita when I was doing tawaf with sorang makcik ni..her character just like mom..she's soft spoken..cantik..baik..just like mom..and she remind me a lot about mom...I wish I cud turn back time and appreciate everything yang mom did for me...I'll share what had happened when I and the auntie at Mecca okay..if I do have some more time to post in..

AUFA dak kembar baru je kua hospital semalam..Alhamdulillah...sian tengok baby Kecik2 ni tak sihat..semoga Allah sembuhkan Aufa..tak sampai hati tengok baby kene macam2 kat hospital..yet auntie yang busy ni..tak dapat pon melawat Aufa kat spital..sibuk nau dengan kerja yang mengkayakan samseng..kerja lebey2 pon mana la kaya sangat...OT lebey pon tak bayar..bile mengomel2 dekat sis..nasib baek Alang Dila motivate cakap yang kerja itu kan ibadah..rasa sejuk sket hati and boost up the motivation untuk kerja seikhlas mungkin..ehhh..apepasal topik pasal kerja ni..kan nak story mory pasal siput..out of topic lagi...nampak sangat jiwa kacau pasal kerja kan...

Macam2 dugaan kan Allah beri..I diuji dengan benda laen..cer tengok..Alang Dila pon kena uji jugak..kalau di timbal balek..ape sangat la ujian kerja I ni jika dibandingkan dengan orang laen..Alang dila mesti risau Aufa tak sihat..like mom did masa dulu..mom always worry if one of her child demam ke ape ke..walaupun anak2nye dah besa panjang..yet still die risau..tak boleh tido..and malam2 letak kain yang direndam dengan air asam tu..supaya demam kebah..mom always did like that when I got fever...hanya mom je yang rasa risau macam tu kan..forsure Alang Dila pon risaukan Aufa..semoga Aufa cepat sembuh...amin...
Banyaknye mende nak cerita..but then too privacy to tell write..ehem..some people say..apr guna buat blog but then untuk diprivatekan..yet..for me..sukati orang tulah..nak bagi blog die private ke tak kan..xpayah nak kisah sangat..they have their own right to do anything...human right...erkkk..apo ni..da takdo kono mengono dah haaa..
Okay la b...dari semalam dok save post ni..nak publish sat...

Babai b..
Love u muchas..
Till meet again to the next post
Hug n kisses from me!

Rindu2 tengok gambo I ye b..Ececeeee
Ehee pandang tepi laks..
Cer tgk depan sket

Okay da b..
Rindu2 tengok salu ye...

Rindu gils dengan cik soulmate I ni..nak bergosip mak jemah pon tak sompek noks oi..tipon pon x..gosip kat message je..

Jom gi kenduri kawen..
Dari semalam sampai la ke tengah hari ni..
Baru nak publish post..asik siaran tergendala jer...haishh

Tajuk post siput..tapi takde pon gambar siput kan..gambar I yang buat kerja macam siput ade laa..lombap2 yo haaa...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I need a vacation

Dear baby boo blog...

What to share today?
I've been so busy with the duniawi things..
I'm tired!

Nak pooh and tido sampai lebam..
Too tired with the workloads.
Dah tak tahan lagi..
Hoping that I will stand still or else dapat better offer than this company..

Miss the old me..
I miss my life...
I want my life back
LiFe ain't for work only right?
I had it enough...

Oh hardship.
Thanks for being there..
And hoping that u'll be leaving me soon my dear hardship..
U r the great friend of mine..
The things is..I just can't cope it.
I miss the old me! Again!
Just don't want to sigh. .yet I did it..

Oh Allah...
Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings and all my sins that I've done.
I'm terribly sorry for the mistakes..

I need a tranquil vacation! 
Let's fly again!
Baby boo blog! Pls pray for me.. I really want a deep sleep and a vacay!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

career conflict

Dear B..

I had self conflict for the past few days. Low self esteem.  Haishhh..why should I feel this?
Someday I wish I can be strong enough to face everything happen to me in this temporary beautiful world. How I wish I have a steel heart. I'm not sure what actually I want in this world. I just don't have self confidence that I can manage to do it. It's so pathetic and hectic life style here. I just want to be a normal person and live life to the fullest. All the obstacles and hardship must be treasure with patience and be thankful right. HE will not burden us for the things that we can't overcome it.

Aleesya damia somel..the masyamness after bangun pagi..bau shedap ohh
Tetibe kan picture ni..xde kene mengena dengan tajuk..out of title

The manuscript yang menyebabkan I've been scolded by boss yesterday..
Oh emmm gee sangat...awesome!  Kene bebel pagi2...
Sonok oi

Trust more HIM and I'm sure the sorrowful episode will be gone. Let's motivate myself with the positive capsule. I'm sure I will be alright soon. Hopefully!

''Its about Edward again. Seem that Bella has no idea when actually Jacob Black will be there. Bella had it enough with Edward.''