Thursday, March 31, 2011

love MOM

Still in d mood of worries
I'm hoping she's getting better soon.

Last Mon i joined Harmonious Sport Festival at Bangi Seksyen 15,
and fortunately our team got 1st prize for netball game. least there's happiness in pain
so my face is burnt.
Oh I hate it.
day 1 just see blushing then now it become darker than before.
Oh No..can't get rid of it.
Need to take the risk.
but it's okay coz it worth it
Finally we won that game.
Thanks ALLAH for the happiness and winning of d game.
i keep on praying while playing the netball game.
Fever not to consider..just concentrate with the game.

will upload the prizes that we won if and only if i rajen nk transfer from hp to lappy.
i'm not promising u B on this okay.

and another sweet story or a bit happiness..
someone that i adore do comment my pic at  my social network site.
thanks God he still remember me,
i just want to say out loud that i like n love him
but i'm scared..hyper scared and i'm not strong enough to admit that i like him so much.
btw he's taken so i'm not going to disturb or ruin his relationship with his gf.

remember this pic? he likes this~ Owh feel like my heart melt~
i like this more than you do and i love you more than you know~

kadang2 rase nak jadi x tahu malu n nak luahkan ape yg terbuku dlm hati ni
even single word yg merapu asalkan dia tahu yg kite suke die dari dulu smp skg x pnh berhenti
cume tkt nk berharap sbb die kepunyaan orang lain
and i always regret of not telling the truth about my feelings to whom it may concern~
i know he would  not read this so who cares..

Thanks Allah coz there's a lil happiness inside the pain of vain
APpreCiate It So MUCh!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Listening and Writing or Typing

Jiwa kacau mode~

Sometimes we need to smile and pretend that we are okay
but some how we can't smile even we are okay.
Some case we can hide if we got any problem, someday it will be reveal.
If not now, maybe later.

and my sadness can't go away if i keep on thinking about my mom's condition right now.
I cried for the time i miss her, i can't figure it out how many times i cried for her.
I keep on praying that she will be okay soon..please Ya ALLAH.
Please fulfill my doa.
I'm hoping that her health is okay and better day by day.
I can't bear to see and hear about her condition right now.

Sometimes people surround want to share their problems with us but sometimes we are listening but actually we don't want to hear it because we are burdened by our problems.

Sometime we laugh to the funny jokes around us but actually deep inside our heart it is broken and hurt and yet to recover our heart hurt sometimes we need to smile even it's pain.

and they always said that smile is like u r donating :) (direct translation senyum itu sedekah)
Keep on smile in front of people and cries alone.
Is it okay and fair to ourself?

i hate hypocrisy.Serious i hate it. But sometimes i have no choice and need to practice it.
but i do hate them whom are hypocrite and concrete.

How would you feel if someone that you trust, u like, u love, even u just know her/him is actually talk bad about you in front of the others?
Can you imagine how hurt your feeling if they are actually acting in front of you.
Don't you know that they are a bit like cruel towards you?
Don't you think that they really care about you?
Don't you feel that you are talking rubbish right now.
Don't you realize that you are repeating the same words.

it's been a while since i'd had a girls' night out, and the estrogen rush was invigorating.
but my night is now are fully at home. sleep earlier than before.
i need to work and realize that i'm getting old and be like a career women from now onwards.
it is too skeptical, and myself can't understand it until now.
i miss Mang, Ayu, Fyd, Sally, Aizan, Jijah, Myra, Norlis, and all my friends when we are studying together before.
it's memorable, precious time that we had shared together.

I hate hectic lifestyle of an employed person.
i do hate myself because i'm not appreciate and thankful for the good things that Allah gave to me.
Unfortunately i'm hoping better offer from another company to work in.
but it is not wrong to say like that because for sure you want better for your routine of life right?
i'm holding myself personally responsible for my own sake but with Allah's permission.

heavy feeling of lethargy washed over me as i said that i'm coughing ( worsen after medicine taken) and flu also not to be forgotten fever to include and to be mentioned here.
My mind went around in circles, trying to come up with some way out of this nightmare(i mean my unhealthy condition).

until now to write in.
i want to sleep and dream
to be at amusement park on weekend.
I hate working on weekend.
hopefully awake really at amusement park! 
sound silly~
People say, sometimes the things u ever hate is usually happen and you always get it.
Maybe there's some hikmah hidden on everything that actually happen now.

Ya Allah sembuhkanlah ibuku.
Aku x akan berhenti berdoa utk ibu bapaku.
Selamatkah, ibu bapaku dari godaan dunia dan siksa akhiratmu.
Sembuhkanlah ibuku dari segala penyakit yg menyerangnya Ya Allah.
Panjangkanlah umur kedua ibu bapaku.
Ampunilah dosaku, ibu bapaku dan seluruh kaum keluargaku.
Limpahkanlah kami rezeki yang berkat.
berikanlah kami petunjuk ke arah jalan yang Engkau redhai.
Hanya kepadamu aku bermohon Ya Allah.
Tiada  Tuhan melainkanMU.

if you really know'll know why i'm deactivate fb..
just think that i'm in sort of jiwa kacau mode so that i'll do everything that unnecessary to someone who actually want a bit attention but i'm kinda person who is not really to share my probs..cause i also don't like blabbermouth!

Deep inside my heart i'm eagerly want to hear a sound of happiest in my tone of voice so that i'll become normal like people out there!
seem i'm abnormal recently~
yes! ehh no! i'm not...!!!

A huge thank you to my beloved Dayen because give some moral support and motivate myself~
Thanks so much for hearing my voice of sadness and keep on telling that everything will gonna be okay~ Thanks cries that you hear..and only Allah knows how much i appreciate it.

i want my heart and mind as tranquil as this scene captured fullstops.

aku bukan sempurna~

serabut bukan lakonan semata, 
juga bukan khayalan yang bermain difikiran 
tetapi kenyataan yang tak mampu di ubah 
hanya kerana diriku tak berupaya 
mengubah segalanya yang berlaku,
Apa2pon, pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.
Semoga berjumpa dan mengenal pasti hikmah yang mendatang.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Emo

yeah entry ini berbaur emosi..
i sedih sgt..
xtau nak cte i ni risau gle
xtau la mcm ne nk tulis kt cni
im i'm seriously sedih
deep inside my heart i rase nak nangis..

mmg touching jer rase...
i balek n9 arini
i dapat MC..
i demam..
dari ahad aritu da rse cm demam je..

ok ni bukan nak cte pasal i yg sakit
tp my lovely one..
oh i xtau mcm mane nk cte ngn u
my lovely mom sakit
skg ni my mom da mcm heran je muka die
i xmo btau kt cni..
tp i xtau nk cte kt sape..
i tau
wpon u B xde reaction ble i cte
but i know ..wpn xd reaction tp i know..
u r listening with fully exprension
Even blog is expressionless
but at least i tell with you
and i wanna share my headburden..
i don't know why i should share it here..

Td doc check my mom
kate yg die kene jangkitan kuman
sbb selsema n batuk n demam
so ade bengkak kt dlm telinga die
so skg die da less hearing
so i ckp pon da kene ckp kuat2
my mom x dgr sgt

i sedey gle
i call my mom byk kali
but she didn't pick up the phone
coz she didn't hear the phone ring

sembuhkan lah penyakit ibuku
sihat sejahterakan la ibu ku
sesungguhnya aku menyayanginya
teramat menyayangi sehinggakan ku x sanggup melihatnya sakit.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Size and weight does matter.
I'm gaining!!!!

GAIN wt.
I hate it..
Oh Please..

i'm worried..

Help me OUT!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kenangan Kedah 2011

KOTA SETAR :) tower !
Rehearsal Kebudayaan Nite
Batik2 dECOration
Dekat Muzium Sawah Padi :)
Grace @ Menara Alor Star again :)

Just want to recall sweet memory here
Kedah 2011 :)

Eagerly want to take a photo at paddy field..
yet still not satisfy myself
want it more
hopefully soon can :)
without interruption and so on :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


STresses Sangat!
feeling like wanna do something interesting and weird!
how it would be?

Mood x best!
Dept i ade NCR jugak time Audit td
1 NCR ok
ISO 18001, Seb bek i AUDITEE tuk 9001
but yet still kene mengena jgk
coz my dept jugekkk kann?
sgt x best jugak!

i xnak jd mcm org2 yg xeducated mind
and don't wanna behave like them
but sometime i need someone whom can listen to blabbermouths
so like what i did is sort of like them


Ohh Please~

~I suka berlakooonnnn~

*tibe2 statement ni kan*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tadi balek keje lambat..
Sampai2 rumah je terus bukak tv3..
nak layan ASMARA 2..

Touching plak cte ni noksss..

haha...layan je...
iyo2 je i nak balek awal sbb nak tgk cte tu
tp lmbt jugak ler
da nk dkt 9.30 bru smpai umah dr tmpt kje td

sok ade audit lorh

SOP siapkan last minute
boley plak superior i suh buatkan..
da maghrib ok time die handover SOP tu..
sabar je la mak noksss
layan je
balek lambat pon lambat la


Lepas ni da ade direction sket
tiap2 hari selasa
malam pukul 9 kene duk ngadap tv
layan cite asmara
klu x layan abeh cite ni
kne buat mcm tgk Asmara dulu la
layan utube je la nokss


2 org :P

i da nampak Abg ME td..
sebok betul die buat kje
mmg die xpasan la i lalu kat production line td

xkesah :(
ye je x kesah kan....

Td i bg PERA gula2 yg K.Jeindy bg..
haha.. :P
slekeh je :P

SOk kan kene Audit QESH
NGAN ISO i jadi PIC tuk ISO 9001

serious x ghoti den noksss
document procedure ngn work instruction pon
my Assistant Manager yg update kan..
x senonoh betul dapat org mcm i ni kan
tp srius ni 1st time kot..
so byk yg i xtau lg..

Sometimes u pretend that u like it but actually u don't.
Sometimes u show ur faithfulness through ur face.
Sometimes it's hard to pretend that u r okay but actually u not.
Sometimes it's ok to express ur feeling through ur face at least u r not hiding something.
Sometimes it's ok to tell everything that u really want to share but some cases u need to keep by ur own.
Sometimes there is a way to tell but people don't really want to listen.
Sometimes there's someone who really want to hear all ur rubbishy
because they admire you to the most.
Sometimes i think of if there is someone like what i said before.     

Monday, March 7, 2011


Mang ajak gi Jepon
Mcm it's too Good to be true aje....
Serious nak ikut...

da BIG probs!
macam nak ikut jugak tak kire
bukan macam da ni
tp mmg betul2 nak ikut die g sane lorh..



tApi FULUS kne kire uwuwuwu..

my wishlist one of it are i really want to travel around the world.
IF KAYA SOON! hahaha :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011


i x pernah lg dpt call sejahanam dan sekurang hajar dr
credit card ape nth name company tu
tp yg penting dekat KL la
name pempuan tu Jasmin ke ape
tp sore cam keling
mmg menyampah giller
and rase nak menyumpah
and mmg da kua pon ayat2 sumpah seranah kt ppuan tu
mulut cam haram... mmg rse nk menca***  je kt ppuan tu
then lg hell
smlm nk g men bowl
pastu smp2 kt kaunter tu
ppuan lg buat hal n hell
mmg x blaja customer service
service cam haram gak
muke da lantah hape2..
mmg serius x seswai kot
layan la customer elok2 sket
klu mmg da full
xley ke nk ckp leklok n pndg muke
ni ckp smbl wt kje len

xtau nk ckp hape la
mmg geram gle
ble dpt call yg mcm tu
then dpt lak layanan ntah hape2 pas tuu

GERAM sangat..
xtahu nak ckp ape
kene maki depan2
sabarrrrr je la
trus ilang mood!

kpd ppuan2 bekenaan
tlg la jaga cara percakapan anda
jgn la wat n kuakn ayat2 yg bley menyakitkan hati org
layan la customer  elok2 sket

EMoSI gila weh!!!!