Sunday, March 24, 2013

hati kering aka dry heart

Dear b..

Seem my heart ni belum cukup kering lagi..
Tak suka jadi stalker hebat..
I just don't know why and I just don't want
to know..
Can I?

Weekend yang hebat plus dapat message dari boss..
Ingat sket..kalau boss message tu dapat pujian ke naek pangkat ke..
Memang tak la kan..of course la pasal kerja and add up kerja..

I don't think that I can handle all this things..
Please la..
I had it enough...
Emosi betul macam ni...

But then I have to face it right..
I know..there's must be a reason why I have to undergo all this sweet things...
Sweet la sangat kan..
Memang tak la..

Kite salu akan dapat sesuatu yang kite benci..
Meh kite start benci benda yang kita sayang..
Untung2 dapat pulak kan...da benci...
Sebabnye salu dapat ape yang kite benci...

Oh ho..
But I know..this case is exceptional. .
Then..I wrap up my case with this own quote. .
Ececeeee da pandai berquote bagai la ni..
Quotes of the day today adalah..

Treat someone else with the way you want to be treated.

Macam tak best pulak posting without a pc of pic..

Meh tempek 1..

Okay2 tak jadilah 1..
tempek lagi 1

Sekian terima kasih b..
Dengar elok ja I membebel ni..
Im starting to miss annur insyirah ni
She smells nice..pure and innocent

I miss you annurrrr!♡
Tolong la pujuk ummi annur ni jadikan auntie ni bibik annur bley tak..

Bley bonti kojo..jadi bibik yo kek umah haa..
Xkoso da nak kojo ni..
Malaih aihh..
Nampaknye 2hari cuti pon x ley nak cure the disease of laziness

Macam mana rupa future bibik annur ni?
Auntie koya ni..

Dear Allah...

Please help me as always..
Please give me my full spirit of working again..
I need positive capsules...
Permudahkan urusanku tomorrow and the day after...
Aminnn..ya rabbal alaminnnn...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

dak dikdik


Hasil penangkapan gambar guna secondary camera..makanya mata pon kelain...

Dear B..

I had fun with this lil girl named aina nuha...
She's cute..hopefully she's getting better from  

Okay..bit update about my work things...

I never thought I can manage this on my works..

Supposedly end my contract on January. ..but then I couldn't get any better offer. .so I just stay and I hope than I can cope and endure the stress of work load here..With the cekadak ulek kek bawah ni haa..messy betoi..

New boss with new direction. .

Xley nak lepak2 ulo2 sangat la kann...


Thursday, March 14, 2013

she's married

Souvenir from CH!

Dear b...

Have some thought to share here...
Thanks Allah for giving me a chance to know good people when I decided to left Sony and chose Samsung. ..coincidence met someone senget like adik so called my bff too..she almost know all my problem. .and the unsolvable problematic...she had fun at Cameron Highlands for a honeymoon. .yet she still remember me...she did give me the fridge magnet..her family just like mine..cause I always followed her went back home after work..and I also did overnight at her sister's home at putrajaya too..more than once i did follow her went back to her sis' s house also..and I think that I will not get going just like before since she already got the puan title..being someone's wife..I did attend her wedding day at jasin melaka..she just so beautiful as she want to see her picture b?

Here she is..she's gorgeous on her big day..

Siti norsaminar the perantin!

I still remember I tell her about my late mom at the clinic. .when I accompany her to take some medicine there..she felt like crying too..she did tell to her mom..then her mom cried ...oh touched when she tell her mom that I usually went to my mom' s grave..we went for a wedding day of our colleagues at senawang. .that day was the 1st time I met her mom..she did go with her mom...felt that her mom is my mom too..can uh? We had breakfast prepared by her mom before going to work.. then I felt like same when my mom is here..she usually prepared breakfast for me before I went to work..eventho there's nothing at home..yet she will prepare a mug of a hot milo for me..Okay2 done blabbering. .please stop...hehe...or else I'll cry for another reason..
The tricky pic Me and her

Wishes for you dik..
Selamat pengantin baru
Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat
Semoga dikurniakan kebahagian bersama future kids yang comel2..
Semoga menjadi isteri yang taat pada Allah dan suami..
Please control ur hot temper tu sket ye..weee
Syg ko dik!

Asmah and siti nor
Yet if I go anywhere I'll always remember to buy something for her..don't know why..and btw her bro in law was actually my ex colleague at Sony..what a coincidence and small world kan..
Then I met this cute girl with happy minded...
She acted like she don't care what people say about her.. without any pretending..just do whatever she wants to..I like the way she bring herself to the others..
Like this statement. ..
Ado den kesah?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

gifts from korea...

Dear b..

Today nak show off gift yang big boss bagi..

Baru balek dari korea ye...

Pen tu assistant manager yang bagi
And the chocs was from my senior manager
Thanks bosses!
Lap u!
Lap samsung!
Tetibe oih!..

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Dear B, 

It's March already.
And I lied to you.
I didn't keep my promises.
I promise to share my February days right.
yet I've been too busy and don't know what to post.
Actually the statement is lied too..i have many things to share.
but i don't know is it possible to share..

Let's enjoy my February day a bit...
Listen B..

It's been a day without shining bright sun. ..even though it's a sunny day..hey!nothing to blabber!

I had fun and slightly sad when I went there.. a lot of picture to upload takes time..
just enjoy a bit! 

thanks Mr Ollen to accompany us when we are at Malacca
U are my Boyfriend forever~
I Love you Mr Ollen~

and the journey has started from Kg Paya...
erk! I've forgotten the Kg name!
shame on me...euuuuwwww

the Puan Noor Diana's eyes with the eye lense..

have fun with Cik Soulmate..Siti Syuhada
I'm not sure since when she likes to hang out..
.confuse i Nokss

with the photographer of the days.. Ms Nadia.. Diana's sis
fortunately she joined us on that two days..
so sporting with the tiring cam whore session.

Our 1st place to visit is Taman Seribu Bunga,
 at Ayer Keroh..the two sista's on the pic!

Why Taman Seribu Bunga?
This was because of Siti Nor, she always talk about this place and yet i force them to go there too.
ahaha, but sorry, there's nothing special there but i do like the eye tower and a taman there

the pusher driver!

cam whore with BFF
and all those picture below are 
only me je..
my blog right,
so who cares!
 a message to whom it may concern!

 well. Siti Syuhada had a skill and sense of photographer but the model is not beautiful enough~

another pic..oh hoo
please vomit now

 mak jemah with the payung, well I do LOVE the payung :) the original owner of the umbrella
Love more the ori owner!
 the koya's scene of me

 the belakon scene with Puan Noor Diana,
 the relax scene at Taman Reptilia and Taman Rama-rama~
forsure I'll not enter this place with others except them all.
thats is forsure~

i love them who really loves me!

the middle!

the end

seriously I miss u!