Friday, August 20, 2010

TEN of Ramadhan

hey dear B
miss u so much
its been a while
da 10TH Ramadhan pon
lupe nk wish kt u
Happy Fasting Month
Pose x ni?
mst x la kn
da mlm2 ni..
pose ape plak

okay just want to share
my tight sched this week
actually i da tuka bos
dlu kn i cte En Kamarul my boss
but now
i kne trnsfer unit plk
kene p kt integrated sales management
instead of jd assistant wimax manager
skg jd assistant integrated sales manager
task amat la berat
mcm compiler,
but then i need to face it
wteva it is,keje2 admin n bussiness support team
x dpt byg pnt n brape x phmnye keje yg kene buat
da la deal ngn org2 high level
mcm GM (general Manager)
i'm not good in this
i'm just fresh grad
mcm demotivated pn ade
kdg2 rase di humiliate pn ade
but then i x sabar tggu budak yg nk gnti i tu
suppose die msuk bulan september ni
i x lrt la nk handle
so stress
i nk kje len
sedih la
org len sume da dpt kje
ayu, aizan..i? msh je kt cni lg

k la..stop about working issue.
i need to motivate myself
rezeki ade kt mane2 kn
xpe je
layan je la dlu keje ni
i'm hoping for better tomorrow

Just wanna share a bit picca
my housemate ajak buke pose ngn syarikat NAZA aritu
kt JW Marriot Hotel..dkt dpn Pavi tu
besh gler
mkn busat mlm tu..
tp x dpt la mkn sume.. byk sgt kot.. x lrt weh :p

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sad day story :( episode 3 :(

This is real hurt
demotivated me to d max
for real
 1st Ramadhan..
Challenging with this bad news
bad news for me :(

i want to smile like this again

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i'm sleepy
don't know why
but lately
i'm seriously sleepy at early time
Dear B,
just wanna have happy blessing from u
wish me luck for tomorrow
i'm so nervous now
forsure my nervousness will increase tomorrow

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Something uncertain
but i i'm hoping for it
something that i know i can't grab it
even the opportunity just in front of me
i can close my eyes
try to forget it
but actually i can't close my mind
to stop thinking about it
i don't know where i am
where to go
i'm bit confused!
not BIT confused btw,
but exactly i'm totally confused :(
too comfort even it not so perfect
but i think i can breath
at least i can
i'm not so sure till when i'll be here
till when i can stand
till when i can bear it in my mind
lying to myself even get worse
i mean it can be worse if i'm not
taking any action to resolve it
or to revert everything
and conclude with something positive
in a positive way
but the way is actually not the right way to follow
is it sinful to say that
i'm totally not like=hate running nose
hate it!
just go away
i don't want u to mingle and stay with me again
fade away!