Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday~

lots of love
i  just wanna wish happy birthday to
my beloved dad
his bday was on 8th of April
and my sis
Angah Aju was on 12 April

i really love both of them so much
they had sacrificed a lot
nothing in this world can compare it

so much to say
but nothing come out to my mind
and it end up with no things to share and mumble about
i really bored
damn bored
i'm sick
sick of these all
i wanna go back home
i'm extremely homesick
is it worth it to go back home this weekend
i really want to but i have no one to accompany me
really poor of me
(don't be ok)
miss Dea said that she don't wanna go home
b'coz she will attending the kursus kahwin
uih? y i'm not interested to join in?
of coz i want too but my hope is differ than theirs
i wanna go with my future hubby(really hope so)
i think it will be more interesting when u finally decide to choose him as urs

i'm kinda bored..boredom such................pathetic
don't know what to say again
i wanna see my mom as soon as possible
i wish it will become true
amin :)

Dear B,
i got a fever last 2 days ago
i also got MC for 2 days
yet i still not in the good mood
i didn't pick up any phone calls and didn't reply any messages
i slept early
too early that i never do it when i'm at home
dizzyness cause me to take early rest
uiyhhh..i've forgotten..what i did for the last two days..
of coz i'm not attend the presentation skills class that have been taught by our
site manager, En Hisham..
i maximise my MC by watching the Korean Movie
entitle Boys Over Flower

of coz u all know about this story right!
i think so laaa
i really like the hero, he is so handsome.
GOoD LOoks!
perfect guy that every girls hope for.
My prince charming
Damn rich!
i'm looking for money right now
obviously i'm turn to be a materialistic girl.
as everyone always money no talk..

i want to spend at about Rm40 to buy the novel
i wish i can get it and buy it without hesitation.
uishh..I got influenced by Mang
i want to read the Twilight New Moon's novel.

and another things that i want to buy and  yet still don't get it is
wedges..i really want to have one that mesmerized me most.
uishh! where money can buy..i want to spend all my allowance on shopping
but i need to be wise i can't spend all of them.
it such a wasted things to do so.

and 1 more things i need to buy a blablablabla..
to much to list down

~still hoping to get the apple DKNY be delicious perfume~

Friday, April 9, 2010


such a boring day
forsure it is today
well i need to study of coz
i must prepare for the test tomorrow
what actually i'm wasting my time on?
  • day dreaming
  • facebooking
  • chitchating with Gemist friend
  • blur-bluring
i need to study
even if the subject is not attractive
i really hope that Cekgu Anisah is here , explain and teach everything about it
i guess u know what is actually i need to study (well i miss her)
it been a long time i didn't read that "sort of things" i mean the book
but i really need to
who knows if i pass that exam
insyaALLAH amin :)
guys, plz pray for me ok

just now we have organized an English fair..Talent Day
my company won the news casting n debate competition.
well done guys. u've done a great job.i'm proud of u.
i hope there is no underestimation and descrimination after this.

i'm bit sad coz my business english class already end. i really gonna miss Madam Fawzia Khan. She is our gorgeous and fabulous trainer after all. i'm glad to have her as our trainer.i enjoyed myself with her and our classmate too. Guess what, she said that without us our class maybe will be so boring. Fortunately, we had brightened the past 2 weeks with all of them :).

 The leftover day i need to spend every single day with my colleagues.i hope that it will be interesting and happy day. really wish that it will come true just because that is the only way to get rid from reminding me of my hometown and cure myself from homesickness.
oh i have forgotten. i need to stop blogging now.
i have something important to do right now.
come and study with me..
huarghhhh..i'm sleepy

Perlembagaan? Kehakiman? Perundangan? DEB? 1 Malaysia?Wawasan 2020
WHAT THE FUN to study about?
heheehe.. Gomen..chayok!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Green :)

Recently, i seem to like the green colour
maybe my surround influence me a lot u know I'm at the Harvard Golf n Country Resort
(name mcm gempak je pdhal? tetttt)
so my eyes will keep on looking at this golf resort such as green CARPET from far
I have many things to share but as usual when my fingers near the keyboard..
i just lost my word..
i had experienced some bad thing yesterday
my hand is hurted a lot and it is so painful
because of that i cried a lot yesterday
i called my mom but i didn't tell her about this
my tears flow heavily (just like it is raining)
and it was tiring
forsure i need to forgive the one that cause the pain
he accidentally did it to me
i knew that was not his fault at all and i also didn't blame him
maybe because i am too happy ..laughed here and there
and Allah wants to remind me not to over doing it :)
so i blame myself for what happen yesterday. is painful and i couldn't stand anymore
so my tears just flow like a river
i cried alone and didn't know who i would tell to
i don't want other people know about it
maybe it look like doesn't matter to them
but it does matter to me.
i left the volleyball court just like that because i was starting to cry
i just tell ayu because she was with me yesterday
n i still feel the to the hand)..adoiii :(
maybe i can't play volleyball
i can't say i can't play it anymore. i will play it when my pain is over .
get better in time :)

Dear, I miss my MOM so much..
can u tell her that i love n miss her a lot :)
 i'm counting days..i want to go back home..really want to go..
homesick :(

FYI, the picture above is my latest picture.
i want to give to someone who requested for it
and now you get it :)