Friday, April 9, 2010


such a boring day
forsure it is today
well i need to study of coz
i must prepare for the test tomorrow
what actually i'm wasting my time on?
  • day dreaming
  • facebooking
  • chitchating with Gemist friend
  • blur-bluring
i need to study
even if the subject is not attractive
i really hope that Cekgu Anisah is here , explain and teach everything about it
i guess u know what is actually i need to study (well i miss her)
it been a long time i didn't read that "sort of things" i mean the book
but i really need to
who knows if i pass that exam
insyaALLAH amin :)
guys, plz pray for me ok

just now we have organized an English fair..Talent Day
my company won the news casting n debate competition.
well done guys. u've done a great job.i'm proud of u.
i hope there is no underestimation and descrimination after this.

i'm bit sad coz my business english class already end. i really gonna miss Madam Fawzia Khan. She is our gorgeous and fabulous trainer after all. i'm glad to have her as our trainer.i enjoyed myself with her and our classmate too. Guess what, she said that without us our class maybe will be so boring. Fortunately, we had brightened the past 2 weeks with all of them :).

 The leftover day i need to spend every single day with my colleagues.i hope that it will be interesting and happy day. really wish that it will come true just because that is the only way to get rid from reminding me of my hometown and cure myself from homesickness.
oh i have forgotten. i need to stop blogging now.
i have something important to do right now.
come and study with me..
huarghhhh..i'm sleepy

Perlembagaan? Kehakiman? Perundangan? DEB? 1 Malaysia?Wawasan 2020
WHAT THE FUN to study about?
heheehe.. Gomen..chayok!!!

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alongsyuhada said...

kehakiman? perundangan?
no fun?? hahaha.. tulah yg aku hdpkan dekat 5 tahun ni weh.. =)