Friday, July 30, 2010


i wonder when i will sleep without any nightmare
I'm hoping that i can manage to do my work
as clean, as smooth as tidy as i can
why it's so hard to feel secure
i don't know why i pretend to be happy
but actually deep inside my heart
it's differ
absolutely differ from what i felt
do i hypocrite?
or hypocrisy is crucial in our life right now
i mean MY live, it better to state that
i smile a lot :)
i can smile
i want happiness remain even though i know it can't
i'm just a person who r dreaming about
happily life ever after

just want to introduce my current bf
oh i'm in love with him

4sure Fahrin mengamok pasni! ahaha :P

I'm a bit weird b'coz i'll liking 2nd hero much than 1st hero
can say almost movie i watched, i prefer 2nd hero
awkward taste :(
Don't blame me..blame them!

Friday, July 23, 2010

~really want to tell~

 Dear Mr. B,

i have a lot of story to tell  you
it just that i don't have enough time to blog about
it's hectic and absolutely pathetic here

i learn much
i hate this word btw,

Sense Of Urgency!


i have to attend UJIAN BERTULIS for this upcoming MONDAY
at SME corp. Jln Duta
wish me luck dear B!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sad day story :( Episode 2 :(

today like was I'm not going to think about sad things again

yesterday i do have officially email address
after a month i need to wait for it
it is myfullname.myfather'

I got an email from my senior (USM & GEMS), he is also my colleague at TM

what did he send me?


here is

at least this pic make me smile :)
tq to the beruk!

but only for a while..

then i read 1 post

related to mine 

i mean my probs :(

SO that, my tears flow again

damn hate it!!!!

i don't want to cry anymore! 

I  don't want to feel th3 PAIN again :(

I'm hoping that no more sad day story Episode 3 !

~i'm trying so hard to cure my pain n sadness~ 
~dear B, it hurt so much~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sad day story :( Episode 1 :(

(MON & prev days)

..................i felt dizziness..i felt burden in my head..i felt cold .................. 
felt so hard to wake up in the morning..felt like to fever plus swollen tonsils.. :(
whatever..i need to go to the office no matter what..

Open my PC n i read emails

EMAIL received from : Norliza Razali Aka ALONG

Content: too private to reveal
family matters

Conclusion : tears flow heavily like a river :( uwaaaa

I wrote a note to my boss

En Kamarul,

I'm going to the clinic at Annexe 2.If anything, pls call me.


Back from the clinic another love note i put it on my boss's table.

En Kamarul,

I got MC for today (5/7/2010).



on my way back to rent house..i got a call from my lil bro..

Adik : Acik lptp acik org tu x buleh buek..kono tuka mother board

Acik: Bapo kono eh klu tuka?

Adik: Dlm RM700 tu x buleh buek..klu nk kono anta ACER centre..

Acik: Maha lak (dlm ati mcm nk nanges..baek boli baru yo? mano nk dapek duet ni ? )

Adik: Kito share la baya..

mmg mcm nk nanges pn mase tau tu.da dpt agak da mcm ni.sbb klu xbley on je mst org tu da xbley wt ape da :(
laz week n dis week so mcm2 mnde yg wt i touching2 sket
rase nk nanges je..i can't bear to hide my sadness..
damn loves my baby lappy..oh no..can't face the fact that u r not here anymore..nk mrh n slhkn adik pon da letih da..xlrt nk ckp ape da..npe slu je jd cmni ek..mcm2 je hal yg sedey

 Message received yesterday

Cinderella :haah bestfren..nnt jd la boyfren 2..wakakakaka... Beb, tettt da kapel ek?


Rapunzel : Beb, die da kapel ke? Mne u tau? I xtau da pape psl die..da xcntct I lg die..sori smlm i  da tdo..

Cinderella:  Beb, kt FB la..dia in a relationship with TETTT  klo x silap i,..

Rapunzel : Ye ke? Xpe la.die bkn jdh i..nk wt cmne kn..2 pn da nmpk die bukan suke kt i pn..


When i said i want to be ur friends only that doesn't mean that i had rejected u..don't felt that u r rejected ok..i need time and space for myself.. i just want to be ur friend, know u well, before i can open up my heart..fully open to welcome u into my life.. if that things really makes u happy..just go ahead..i need time to persuade my heart..u can't force me..same goes to me to..i want u to be happy..the things is..i scared being frustrated..n actually i always feel life..juz don't care..when u did this to me.. it's revealed that u r actually not really love me..btw u r not trying to..not even try to maintain our relationship..

ampunilah dosa2ku, dosa kedua ibu bapaku, keluargaku, rakan2ku..dan seluruh umat islam di dunia ini. Ya ALLAH, tabahkan lah hatiku menempuh dugaanmu..sesungguhnya hatiku rapuh dan mudah tersentuh dengan segala apa yg berlaku.Ya ALLAH yg Maha Pemurah lg Maha Mengasihani, jauhilah daku dari segala kehinaan dan segala kedukaan. Jauhilah kami dari bala bencana dan api neraka. Sesungguhnya hanya kepadamu kami memohon petunjuk dan pertolongan.

to cajole my heart and my tears to stop flowing, i always remember that..

ALLAH x kn beri ujian yg slgmana mnusia tu xbley nk tggung..kesimpulannya ALLAH akan beri ujian yg mampu ditanggung oleh umat manusia itu..termasuk lah diri ini..baru je kne test sket..da lbey2 plak kn..

need to motivate myself..cheer up beb! 

hopefully dis girl strong enough to face the real fact in her life 

Friday, July 2, 2010

sad day story :(

phm x?
klu phm salute la sket :P
part of my task
i also really don't understand
hopefully to understand better soon
okay today i'll take half day
(suke ati x?)
mcm company sndr plak kn
POYO jer!
i want to go to JLN DUTA in this evening
c my sis n have some important things to do
so wish me Luck k
hopefully  i'll get that post
i'm so thankful :) IF I GET la

i'm so sad dear B,
coz my dearie baby lappy is sick :(
critical coz can't even on :(
i can't hanging around n mingle with my lappy again
i also don't know if i can still use it later on
can repair huh?
i've no idea on that
seb bek tuan nye x masuk gak :P

da mls nk layan sedey
ade rezki ade la :P