Friday, July 2, 2010

sad day story :(

phm x?
klu phm salute la sket :P
part of my task
i also really don't understand
hopefully to understand better soon
okay today i'll take half day
(suke ati x?)
mcm company sndr plak kn
POYO jer!
i want to go to JLN DUTA in this evening
c my sis n have some important things to do
so wish me Luck k
hopefully  i'll get that post
i'm so thankful :) IF I GET la

i'm so sad dear B,
coz my dearie baby lappy is sick :(
critical coz can't even on :(
i can't hanging around n mingle with my lappy again
i also don't know if i can still use it later on
can repair huh?
i've no idea on that
seb bek tuan nye x masuk gak :P

da mls nk layan sedey
ade rezki ade la :P

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