Friday, July 30, 2010


i wonder when i will sleep without any nightmare
I'm hoping that i can manage to do my work
as clean, as smooth as tidy as i can
why it's so hard to feel secure
i don't know why i pretend to be happy
but actually deep inside my heart
it's differ
absolutely differ from what i felt
do i hypocrite?
or hypocrisy is crucial in our life right now
i mean MY live, it better to state that
i smile a lot :)
i can smile
i want happiness remain even though i know it can't
i'm just a person who r dreaming about
happily life ever after

just want to introduce my current bf
oh i'm in love with him

4sure Fahrin mengamok pasni! ahaha :P

I'm a bit weird b'coz i'll liking 2nd hero much than 1st hero
can say almost movie i watched, i prefer 2nd hero
awkward taste :(
Don't blame me..blame them!

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