Saturday, August 7, 2010


Something uncertain
but i i'm hoping for it
something that i know i can't grab it
even the opportunity just in front of me
i can close my eyes
try to forget it
but actually i can't close my mind
to stop thinking about it
i don't know where i am
where to go
i'm bit confused!
not BIT confused btw,
but exactly i'm totally confused :(
too comfort even it not so perfect
but i think i can breath
at least i can
i'm not so sure till when i'll be here
till when i can stand
till when i can bear it in my mind
lying to myself even get worse
i mean it can be worse if i'm not
taking any action to resolve it
or to revert everything
and conclude with something positive
in a positive way
but the way is actually not the right way to follow
is it sinful to say that
i'm totally not like=hate running nose
hate it!
just go away
i don't want u to mingle and stay with me again
fade away!

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