Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red Eggs, New Bosses, & Ginger Party

I learn new things today, it's so exciting to sit at front office, corporate style, flexible working hours, new friends with various custom and culture.

The only things that I couldn't manage is to be a part of them, I really don't know how. And now, felt like regretting of sleeping too much and wake up late on Saturday morning.

I miss out the Mandarin class because of sleeping. Sleep and wake up late on Saturday morning during my childhood is the main reason I gave up on my Mandarin class.

Now I realize that the important of knowing Chinese Languages as I'm now mingle with them.

Anyhow, we couldn't turn back time to its original place. So maybe there's a reason why I couldn't continue and enjoy the class.

The few years back regret moments.

Let's focus on the main topic that I want to tell, it is about my boss that currently I reporting to.

He's sort of an understanding guy, and today after the morning meeting, I saw this box at my desk.

He's celebrating his new born child. A month aged.

His Child's name is Chew Xu Meng.

Red Egg and Ginger Parties

A charming custom celebrating baby's one-month old birthday

Ok before I proceed, let's introduce him. I should introduce him at the 1st place right?

His name is Mr. Chew. I called him Mr. Chew, but his full name is Chew Leong Sun.

Basically he's not the one I should reporting to, but due to Ms. Seow taken the VSS, so he's replacing Ms. Seow.

Ms Seow full name is Seow Siew Ngo.

Be one of the management team is quit interesting, I prefer this project rather than operation.

Operation made me stress all the way, but I'm not saying that this project doesn't tense me at all.

Definitely there's a tense which it can't be described and can't be explained by words.

The own uniqueness types of stresses.

I got MC yesterday. Today my original dept manager did call me and sit down to slow talk with me

Guess the hot topic or issue was?

Definitely my resignation issue was a BIG problem to them

Same goes to mine.

Persuading seem very effective way to influence my decision.


I shouldn't be effected by him, but then it is!
ok kalau nak usha pasal chinese punya culture
boleh usha dekat sini

Friday, June 1, 2012



i did it!
thanks to Dealove Shafrina for drafting the letter.
Finally i did send this.