Monday, October 29, 2012

Return Part to SDMA

Dear Mr. BL,


I heart you~

It's been a while since pathetic day has passed by.

It's a great moment to enjoy this dull life with something unusual.

I know and I think I like him but now my feel is statically constant.

There's no exciting or exagerating mood while facing with him now.

I don't know why, I don't want to fall in love with him, like one of my friend said,

It's better to get close with him in a friendship way, not more than that.

yeah, i think she's right, it's better to take a caution step while mixing and socialize with him now.

I don't want to take a risk and feel the pain of losing him,

So i better get rid the love like feeling~



how about my Raya Qurban Day and celebration.

It's just ok i can said.

Well said just OK.

There's no such feeling of balek2 kampung la.

So bored of not balek kampung..


I did the belakon scene on my Raya day,

because there's nothing to do kan..

I told my dad to rewear his attire of Imam on Raya day,

he just layan me ok..

We just having the shoot in a while because one of my sis's friend came with her family on that day.

I'll try to upload once i have time to okay.

but yet i do uploading some pics on my FB website.

Feel free to view if you are one of my friend :).


Auni is back home, but Aufa not yet.

Hoping that Aufa is growing healthier day by day.


May Allah let her survive like normal child out there.

We love both of them.

The twins :).



I need to continue my work.

Pls don't relates any of the title with the contents.

You should know where am I while writing this post.

Till meet again B. <3

Hug & Kisses :)








Friday, October 12, 2012

Bawa Aku Pergi~ Pandu Laju-laju~

Dear Blog,



I had a big challenge which is ridiculous things to share.

I'd experience it at previous company but then when i'm here it's seem so messy.


Sometimes I think I would love to stay here, but sometimes I want to left here.

We did merapu things semalam which is I went back to accompany Ms Siti Nor to her hometown Melaka.


We went to sing out loud at Melaka, then we have our BIG GLASS of juice!

We had fun in a sekejap time,

Eventhough sekejap but yet memang release the tense to the maximum level.


I have fun with both of them yang sengal!








Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No one knows when Grace is sad

Bila rasa sedih je
rasa nak peluk cium mak~
but she's no longer here,
I'd cried when on the way to my home
rindu sangat~~~~~~~~~~~~

if there's someone can feel the emptiness and this unstoppable sorrowful
i had it enough
one episode to another.
i've been bored here.
the challenges here and there.
this ungrateful word is coming and throwing the real nerves.

I really don't know whats wrong in my life.
I can't catch up all those things.
I had it enough.

Rindu hanya Allah saja yang tahu

Sayang mereka!

I've been missing you for a more than a years and the tears remains.

Dah lebih setahun Grad, tapi rasa macam banyak je benda lagi yang tak tahu
banyak benda yang tak reti
and bila kat kilang je
selalu budak2 diploma tu cakap
Blaja tinggi, ini pon tak tahu
sentap takkk?
ayat lagi best, 
masuk universiti dulu tak blaja ke ni
yang SPM lak lg tahu kann

tak kisah la u level apa pon
tak semestinya semua pon kita tahu kan?
tak semestinya!

Kerinduan yang tiada pengakhiran

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hi Baby Blog,


I'm at my office now,


and I took a photo with my colleague's Samsung S2 camera,

and the photo i just uploaded to my Single Profile.


This Single is for working media, we are not using Outlook as our official mail.

Everything is thru this Single.




Here you go!



It's near to three months already,

Can't wait for another three, supposed to end my contract on January~


May Allah Bless me :p and you too blog!




Friday, October 5, 2012

Pecah Rekod!


I made it!.

Due to tak sihat, but ini yg betul2 tak sihat,

Bukan main-main k.


dan I sedih,

target x capai

MC pon ade email noks..

kemain lagi kilang ni


layankan hajooo...






Oh My English!


English kau x teruk mana pon!



English broken pon boleh jadi Senior Manager!

Malaysia buleh?



(Ayat macam good2 je kan)

I think so i ade chemistry dgn mak guard or pak guard!

sbb Guard kt spital pon da band muka I!

Tengok I je x bagi masuk!



Suda 2 hr ber overnite dkt spital~









Monday, October 1, 2012

Bila Semuanya

Bila semuanya pon x besh

Mak Guard and Pak Guard masing-masing kepochi tak hengat,

Rasa makin tak best.



Mari belajar BERTABAH!


Rasa nak screaming and confess it.

but that is ridiculous,

lebih baik jaga persahabatan yang wujud.