Thursday, March 31, 2011

love MOM

Still in d mood of worries
I'm hoping she's getting better soon.

Last Mon i joined Harmonious Sport Festival at Bangi Seksyen 15,
and fortunately our team got 1st prize for netball game. least there's happiness in pain
so my face is burnt.
Oh I hate it.
day 1 just see blushing then now it become darker than before.
Oh No..can't get rid of it.
Need to take the risk.
but it's okay coz it worth it
Finally we won that game.
Thanks ALLAH for the happiness and winning of d game.
i keep on praying while playing the netball game.
Fever not to consider..just concentrate with the game.

will upload the prizes that we won if and only if i rajen nk transfer from hp to lappy.
i'm not promising u B on this okay.

and another sweet story or a bit happiness..
someone that i adore do comment my pic at  my social network site.
thanks God he still remember me,
i just want to say out loud that i like n love him
but i'm scared..hyper scared and i'm not strong enough to admit that i like him so much.
btw he's taken so i'm not going to disturb or ruin his relationship with his gf.

remember this pic? he likes this~ Owh feel like my heart melt~
i like this more than you do and i love you more than you know~

kadang2 rase nak jadi x tahu malu n nak luahkan ape yg terbuku dlm hati ni
even single word yg merapu asalkan dia tahu yg kite suke die dari dulu smp skg x pnh berhenti
cume tkt nk berharap sbb die kepunyaan orang lain
and i always regret of not telling the truth about my feelings to whom it may concern~
i know he would  not read this so who cares..

Thanks Allah coz there's a lil happiness inside the pain of vain
APpreCiate It So MUCh!


mE gOhan said...

bout de lil right one will come to u, juz live ur worries..

Grace Arabella said...

thanks gohan :) appreciate ur comment here