Wednesday, April 3, 2013

career conflict

Dear B..

I had self conflict for the past few days. Low self esteem.  Haishhh..why should I feel this?
Someday I wish I can be strong enough to face everything happen to me in this temporary beautiful world. How I wish I have a steel heart. I'm not sure what actually I want in this world. I just don't have self confidence that I can manage to do it. It's so pathetic and hectic life style here. I just want to be a normal person and live life to the fullest. All the obstacles and hardship must be treasure with patience and be thankful right. HE will not burden us for the things that we can't overcome it.

Aleesya damia somel..the masyamness after bangun pagi..bau shedap ohh
Tetibe kan picture ni..xde kene mengena dengan tajuk..out of title

The manuscript yang menyebabkan I've been scolded by boss yesterday..
Oh emmm gee sangat...awesome!  Kene bebel pagi2...
Sonok oi

Trust more HIM and I'm sure the sorrowful episode will be gone. Let's motivate myself with the positive capsule. I'm sure I will be alright soon. Hopefully!

''Its about Edward again. Seem that Bella has no idea when actually Jacob Black will be there. Bella had it enough with Edward.''

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