Sunday, April 7, 2013

I need a vacation

Dear baby boo blog...

What to share today?
I've been so busy with the duniawi things..
I'm tired!

Nak pooh and tido sampai lebam..
Too tired with the workloads.
Dah tak tahan lagi..
Hoping that I will stand still or else dapat better offer than this company..

Miss the old me..
I miss my life...
I want my life back
LiFe ain't for work only right?
I had it enough...

Oh hardship.
Thanks for being there..
And hoping that u'll be leaving me soon my dear hardship..
U r the great friend of mine..
The things is..I just can't cope it.
I miss the old me! Again!
Just don't want to sigh. .yet I did it..

Oh Allah...
Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings and all my sins that I've done.
I'm terribly sorry for the mistakes..

I need a tranquil vacation! 
Let's fly again!
Baby boo blog! Pls pray for me.. I really want a deep sleep and a vacay!

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