Friday, December 27, 2013



Dear Baby Boo Blog,


It's 27th of December!

I'm searching some positive capsules for my life and my mind,

What Am I thinking off?

Being shock by new news.

I'm in a big worries :'(



I read this intermittently,

cause have some other things to do.


Found this article useful and motivate myself too.

Divert my attention to something different..



Dear Allah,

In the Name of Allah,

Please forgive me,

Accept my repentance,

For all sins and wrong doings that I've done.

Deeply sorry :(

Ya Allah,

save my family from unknown strangers with bad intention,

Please remain our happiness untill Jannah Adn'n.....

Keep this tight bond until forever with ur Redho..



Hadapkan saje...

But when i saw this,

written by my dad

rase sayu and sedey, bila baca ni,

rase motivasi sikit, tak kisah lah apa orang

nak cakap pasal kita kan...

pujuk hati dan diri sendiri :(

rase takde sape-sape yang hirau..

takde sape dengan kita, but Allah kan ada..

depends on yourself ..

Rindu mak...

Seriously :(








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