Monday, December 2, 2013

Moanday!~ Mood Gone------->

Dear Boo,


I'm bored today,

Seem that my mind will keep going fly up above in the sky

Hate that the situation when you don't know what to do.

And your mind keep on thinking unnecessary things

Just to think of it but then there will be no solution at all

Cause everything is depend on you

You are the one who decide it on your own

If million people try to influence you

It will not be on going  or

to be so effective unless you start to act it by your own

Not just only action, somehow your attitude also influence your decision.

Boredom to the maximum level, as today is Monday

Should i write it Moanday.. :(


I'm searching for an idea or to come out with more ideas

Only for works...Oh No..I think i want to vomit now...

seem that my mind can't find and tune to the right mode..

Somehow life is so difficult to think of rather than to face it off..


but i think both are hard to understand, besides to explain in a word,

it was just a meticulous, to brief in a word,

such a difficult explanation.


Dear B,


I've a lot to tell ya,

as usual, I always have anything to tell ya

but yet i don't know or I don't think that is it rational to share with you

you will not going to understand me as people out there will not going too.

be at my side or just left me with what..


Hey Boo,

I think of below: See it clearly can?








actually there's no picture to upload then i found all these in my pc

so i just upload it here..


Seem that you will know what it means right?

MONEY! to Jalan2 either with MR OLLEN or Aeroplane..

I want a vacay again!!!


Dear Mood,

Could you please change me to the kurang RAJEN kepada SANGATlah RAJEN pls



Jealousy with the one who gifted ..

but actually hardwork is depend on yourself

it is not gifted right..

Merepek merapu meraban je!





chayok3! SITI :)



Sometimes I think do rich people actually satisfy or happy with what they have now?

I need to learn to be thankful and grateful with what I have now





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