Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Fulltime Samsunger




Dear Baby Boo Blog a.k.a. BBB (banyak nau lak B nyer haiii),



Should I reveal my true mood?

How i wish i can...

could i stop pretending?

could i demolish all this fake smile?

could i hands up and launch some series of slingshot?

btw yesterday i did some story telling with the kids,

it is about a family of greedy pigs and a family of an angry birds,

primary school is somehow get attracted with this kind of story,

instead of love story without a happy ending, it's not about Fiona and Shrek,

well, no worries on that, no hanky panky no donkey monkey and no pico pico pong pong?

I'm blabbering without no reason somehow?

Don't know what to write actually, but i want to write something here...


Hey do you know how to spell LIPAS in English?


or you know how to pronounce it in English...

It is a homework by then...




Duhai Hati Yang Berbolak Balik,


There must be a reason behind..

Untold Hikmah, Unexplain Sebab, Unexpected Perkara,

Positive Thinking ye Cik Siti!


Dear Allah,

Sihat sejahterakanlah mereka2 yg daku sayang,

Jauhkanlah bala bencana dan siksa api neraka,

Ampuni kami Ya Allah.........



it's me with SAMSUNG SMOCK!

Koya nau lak ayat neh..



I'm in mess actually,

if only u knew it....


see the greenery scenery,hopefully mata ni sihat je..


Till then B,

Meet again~

Hug n Kisses from me!

Heart You!






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