Friday, September 6, 2013

An Update

Dear Baby Boo,


just wanna upload some picca here..

The latest picca..
somewhere at seremban :)
Life is all about a choice,
If you want it to be dull,
it will be..
my life as usual,
dull, monotonous and sometimes happy :)

I chose to be happy
and I am a happy person

I chose to be indie
so happy belated indie day Malaysia!
it's 56th if i'm not mistaken..
seriously mood of own-self rather than to involve with
others hot topic issues about politics, socio-economy or whatsoever lah!
the fuel or tank..etc!

felt that i don't know the real me!
where am I..
who I am..
where I belong
and where my belongings
wondering all those things..
so I shouldn't right..

reading twilight all over again..
episode 14.
haha why?
don't really know..

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