Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saya Tak Sempurna & Saya Bukan Malaikat

Assalammualaikum B,

Selamat Hari Khamis :)

I need something from you,
Could u please lend me your ears for a while,
and just listen to me,
Oh my baby boo blog,
Could u please say yes?

I promise that I'll not share my recent problems with you B,
I just want to recall some moments,

I'm sorry, I"m not a perfect person yet I'm not an angel too.(tp bukan Shaitonnirrajim)
I just want to share my feelings with you, what i felt for the past few months of 2013.
People hates me for the things that they unsure about, they don't know the truth.
Outer-side I'm the one who will be blamed for, but actual condition and situation they just don't know.
Why judging the inner-side of people who you don't know him or her well?
You are not the Creator , you can't simply judge people right?.

I'm tired!
Terribly tired...and the surround was so pathetic too.
I think that I just can't control myself.
I can't stand still.
Seem the messy mind things won't go out of my mind.
I need a vacay~

The stresses of responsible towards what you have or need to gain for the entire of your life.
This statement sound ridiculous but yet it do affected my consequences of life.
Again, thanks Allah for the challenges and the courage to endure the pain and love of life events.

People can talk bad about you, yet it won't affected much of your feelings, mood and thought to them.
How brave and strong to just simply ignore what they said. Badmouth people are just hate with what you have because they suffer a heart disease right. How I wish I can be a wondergirl~ Opss not K-pop wondergirl tuuu..absolutely not..supergirl with supernatural gifted..ehem..effected with movies..oh no!
suka sangat gambau ni!xnmpk muke..the scenery was Subhanallah cantiknye! ciptaan Allah awesome!   

Last week I berkesempatan nengok cite AKU,KAU DIA,
this cerita best! sedey n I nanges kot nengoknye..
lagu pon besh
meh tempek lagu2 OST kt sini
Cerita die best, sedey, dan sedey, but finally it was an happy ending jugak

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