Saturday, October 10, 2009

'kekasih hatimu"

One day MR LOVE said that he loves MISS HEART.
One day they got fight. MR LOVE said he don’t want to call MISS HEART anymore.
But then now MR LOVE still contacts MISS HEART.
Maybe MR LOVE thinks that MISS HEART doesn’t care about him anymore.
It’s just that MISS HEART is still mad with MR LOVE because MR LOVE said that “awk layan sy cam HAMPEH”.
When MISS HEART hears that word she became shock plus “Kck ati” so she still doesn’t want to “layan” MR LOVE anym0re.
Even MR LOVE called her many time but MISS HEART still “tegar” doesn’t want to talk with MR LOVE. Maybe MISS HEART need time to cajole herself.
 MR LOVE “crk pasal” when MISS HEART not in the right mood. So? MR LOVE please be patient. I’m sure 1 day MISS HEART will answer your call.
Actually MISS HEART got something to give to him but when it comes in this situation MISS HEART cancelled it.
MISS HEART said gives her time. MISS HEART is not like the other s girl in this world. So MR LOVE needs to accept whatever she is.
MISS HEART said she miss the time when you are with her.
                MR LOVE,
MISS HEART said thanks for everything that you give to her, and sorry for everything that she done to you.
                MR LOVE,
MISS HEART misses you so much!

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