Sunday, December 20, 2009

bufday wishes!

my wishes tday r juz for my beloved friend who r oso my Xrumet
Dear SALLY..
Happy 22nd Birthday
May ALLAH bless U
May V find the Happiness 
and may our relationship everlasting
hoho..mrry bcmg Xmas

hopefully our new life didn't fade away our memories together
u r 1 of my bestfriend ever!
Mish u always dear..

ok nxt adalah pixas2 yg ade i n die
cheezy is her also known as blossom geli2..
haha bak kate ayu geli2..
cm besh2 je kn


i ske hangout ngn die
sgt suke shopping ok die ni
okay...thats all yg ade utk di pertontonkn
cun kn minah ni? huhu..

n laz pic ni mse laz i jmp die..skg da rindu kt die..hoho

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