Wednesday, October 6, 2010


today! huh rase nk update mcm2 cte about new env now
but mcm kene postpone n x bley jnj bley cte ke x
but d fact that i can't deny is I MISS U Mr. B,
so much!

today wat mnde gile2 x hengattt palinggg sempoi i pnh wt
wrote a love note on d car n put it on other's car
huh! mmg x pnh jgka pnh wat mnde ni
tp mcm sweet x?
hahaha but d real fact is i'm juz a rep for those who meant to send the love note
seriously not mine k
i'm helping someone else only

Beb dear,
slmt enjoy holidays until u get d new job soon k
bit hard to say good bye to u coz i'm still hoping that u r there with me at d same company
even i know it's too late to say anything
i will miss u beb and all kind of things that we did together
from 1st day we met until now
u r such a good buddy dear
can't even forget about u and all ur good deed to me

da! need to sleep 
it's too late already
and i'm tired too
 c u Mr B
will update soon k
regularly but can't promise on daily basis for updating
juz take care k.

i miss my family too..
2 days like a 2 months huh?

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