Tuesday, November 2, 2010


day goes by
too much to tell
but as usual
can't tell every inch of it

i got a new BF
he's so in to my taste
finally i got him
yeah i know..
my parents give their permission and allow us to have an unique relationship
i called him Mr. Ollen
cute huh his name?
officially be mine on that special day
i'm hoping that our relationship and his condition will be good all the time

yeah bit stress
not bit but BIG
i mean a lot of stress
i knew which ever company u attached to
there'll be stress 
then it's a way how u can cope and manage it very well

i got a special gift from my second sis
she did gave me a very collective item that i like to collect
it is a watch
white in colour and really appreciate it
i also got Toblerone form Scotland also
Lucky her!
Training+holiday there.
Thankx so much Angah!

i have many things to tell
i don't know why i can't tell it thru this medium 

seriously i miss this time
i knew it won't be happen again
but i can't deny it
really miss it

and i miss this time also
whenever i used to be a cam whore girl
recently i can't be the one that i used to be before
skg da busy
nak amek gmbr sndri and gedik2 pon da xbley
tu la
org kate kene hargai mase yg ade
skg ni tdo pon da awl
da x bley nk lepak2 n stay up smp pagi mcm dlu
klu lmbt tdo alamatnye penyet ah keje sok

well, still dlm condition tuk m'biasakan diri ngn keadaan sekeliling
pg smlm mcm sweet..ade note dekat ats meja opiz
don't know sape yg tulis
tp mcm bley agak sape yg tulis la
"bg la no phone"
haha :p
da bg kot tp tipu pny no la

annoying btul ble ade Mamat "K" nk ngorat2 ni
ckp pon bunyi "K" lg.. hadoii serabut je
n dpt byk advise bunyik cmni
"T, ko jgn layan budak tu"
n mmg x layan la kaann

tp ade lg keje yg x settle ni
nk kne buat audit check sheet 5S + 2S ni
wpn bos bg ref tp still mcm x phm
n mase xd nk buat lg

isshoukenmei ganbaru yo
dpt word ni dr mang
tbe2 nk blaja ckp jepon
ssh btul klu x phm term2 biasa dorg ni
serabut kojo den jd eh

bile xde langsung tu mmg xd sgt
n bile ade tu slu bukan yg kte nak
cmne nk buat
crik @ hoping something better yg satisfy what we actually want
susah kn jd manusia
baru tau
tp jd haiwan pon lg semacam je susah
xtau  la
wallahuallam bissawab
jaga ego n std sebab org laen
n diri sndr pny spec
perlu ke sume ni?
n smp ble nk mcm ni je ?


Nona*maNis said...

u really got new bf??
hope it will last forever! aminnn =)

nurul farhana yanti a.ghani said...

ak mcm xjd kwn yg baik kn sbb xsdr bler ko sdih kn??? (br bce entry2 b4 this)....
hahahaha xsgke bdk K tu tlis surt mntk no hp... pe kte bg no pizza hut kt die. sng nak tmph mknn hahahaha

Grace Arabella said...

myra dear, BF la sgt..i sgt menchentai my BF now
Yanti, ko mmg baek dr dulu lg.. ko mmg kwn yg baek..jgn risau k
nk tau tak..budak tu dah resign pon..x sempat nk paw pizza..haha