Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trivia eff@588

Ok rini nk ckp psl trivia eff@588

klu u olss eja

5 dlm english Five
8 dlm english Eight


so eff stand for eight five five

klu 588
----> Five Eight Eight kn?
jd FEE

btul x?

so xkesah la pon
xd kene mengena ke 
x ke
janji ade 5 ade 8
ade eight ade five
ok la tuuuu!



now i'll use 588 as my fav no.
but if u ask my real fav no. is?
supposed to be three

y 3?
there's no significant issue or anything related to three
it just that i like no 3
thats it!!!
 maybe i like three b'coz if u add my birthdate
day: 12-->1+2=3
nothin' special actually.

juz wanna frequent update only.

I got BIG PROBS n BIG M right now
M is just a mess
I hate M
and want to kick him away from me
M u r such a burden for me
Can u just simply go away
and please don't hanging and mingle around with me.
U r such troublesome M
i HATE U daMn Much M!

Bye Formal Attire, Back to Casual WorkStyle~


iJoi said...

M untuk marah :P hehe

Grace Arabella said...

sorry slah!!
sila cuba lagi ye