Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Much I LOVE YOU mOm :)

I don't know what the best word to describe it
forgive me mom
maybe it's too late to seek for an apologize
but deep inside my heart I'm begging for a forgiveness
I'm a bad girl a bad child and a bad daughter.
the worst children that u ever have
I'm sorry for my wrongdoings
i know it's not good to regret but there are a lot of things to regret
i miss everything about u mom
i miss your voice
i miss your face
i miss your laugh
i miss your smile
i miss your hug
i miss your kiss
i miss when you are nagging at me
i miss when you are motivating me
i miss to hear you called me
mom...i miss you

by the time doc confirmed that you are no longer here
my world is blank
blur and the light become dim
as dim as there will be less light there
felt like fainted but thanks Allah,
i can stand and still strong
can face it even it is too hard
the pain inside my heart

i wonder why i saw the last time u breathe
i know it's so pain to endure it
there's a lot of things i want to show it to you
a lot of things to share with you
a lot of things to talk with you
but there's no more opportunity to do that
Allah won't let it happen again
Allah takes you from me.

i got a sickness
no one can do like u did before
no one can wipe my tears
no one can bear to not to sleep tonight because i'm sick
i know u won't be here again indeed i do accept it
but sometime i can't believe it that u are no longer here..
i went to see u today
but i can't see u
i just can see the land
the place where u rest in peace
i can't hide my tears in front of that place
i don't know whether u saw me there
but i do believe that u know i went there

there are too much i want to tell
maybe ppl will say i'm mad because i'm talking alone there
i'm hoping that u know i love n miss u
i can't endure this.
i know u won't let me sad all the way.
i promise mom, i try to be a good girl
one fine day i'm hoping that i will change myself
from worst to better.
please do pray for me.
Cause i know, Allah will fufil DOA from mother.
but i don't know now who will DOA for me same like u did before mom.
i don't feel secure like previous.
No one can replace u and be like u.
u are only u and the unique of u.

All of those picture were taken on April when 1st she admitted at HTJ Seremban 
and some were taken otw to HKL

she recited Yassin

She recited Yassin

The day before going to HKL and the BLOOD.

My Mom's name there.

She can't sleep that night and also got a fever.

OTW to HKL and she hold tasbih on her hand

my dad following us to HKL

the nurse ( i think) she is very nice person.
She recover after 3 weeks at HTJ but after a month later
and 2nd time admitted,
She gone and left us behind.
She left us on 19th June 2011 4.45 am.
17 Rejab 1432H

LET's recite Al-Fatihah to my MOM
Hajah Azizah Binti Hajah Norpiah.
May ALLAH bless U 
May U Rest in PEACE 

Ya Allah,
Ampuni dosa kami
Dosa ibu bapa kami
Dosa Keluarga kami
Aku bermohon kepadamu
Terangilah kubur ibuku
Janganlah Engkau sempit kan kuburnya
Ringankanlah siksaan ibuku didalam kuburnya Ya ALLAH,
sampaikanlah sedekah Al-Fatihah dan bacaan Al-Quran yang kami baca dan kirimkan untuknya Ya ALLAH.
Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Mengasihani.

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