Thursday, July 28, 2011


U know why i'm messaging u?
Because i dream of u
U know why i'm dreaming of u?
because i miss u
U know why i miss u?
because i like u
u know why i like u?
because i love u
u know why i love u?
because u are special to me
u know why u are special?
because u are different from everyone else
u know why u are different?
because u are unique
u know why u are unique?
because u are only u

i felt ashamed on starting messaging u again
but i don't know why my hand typing that so fast and finally send that item to u
maybe my messy mind become irrational so that i did everything that i consider irrational indirectly :)

i WANT this happiness face again because there are some people commenting on my face reaction now.

Dia cakap muka saya mcm org x sihat and my smile just like not before.

i wonder how i must do now with the uncontrollable pimple on my forehead.

I'm worried of all these things.

Suma pon da tegur and they said that byk sgt pikir kot..thats why byk jerawat tumbuh kt dahi tu..

but! i don't know what am i thinking!

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