Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rasa x best

supposed to perform OT, and i did as requested from my boss

i'm tired
why i still nagging and complaining
in fact there is someone who can still bear to 
work there and spend their whole time
sometime the curiosity increase tremendously
i have no idea for that,

i hate compile data yang salah
and keep doing it again in fact
totally data x boleh guna langsung pon

menyampah and hate it
and then dapat lg GOOD NEWS for inv Disember nanti

sudah bosan!
Alang Dila kata
"ko pk ko g keje Lillahi Ta'ala je"
then, i should be +ve right.
no matter what
this is fated
can't do anything to change it
oh yeaaaaaaah

be +ve
gmba g pangkoq, sy nk attached, slu mmg suka tempek gmbo xde kene mengena dgn tajuk and isi tajuk sekaligus ape2 je lah...mrpu da ni

esok line stop due to part shortage, quality issue, then masuk lambat kot part tu
haihh malaih nak ngadap!

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