Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby itu lagi

I visited my mom's grave, at the evening today.
then i saw the lil girl who died on Wednesday
her grave just besides her Great Granpa's grave,

After recited 2 pages of Al-Quran,
i did read the translation,
and i did meet the parents of the lil girl
they also visited their loved one.

Hopefully Allah permudahkan urusan kami dan permudahkan urusan org yang kami sayang di sana.

I cried again.
I miss my Mom.
I told my dad about the MISS things
but he told me that, terima hakikat.
and btw i did terima hakikat, but sometimes i couldn't stand
and my tears flow heavily.

Rasa menyesal nangis depan Ayah.
COz i know his sadness is more than mine 

and he did mention that he suffers more than what i felt.
Why i'd to be like this.
I'm not this kind of person.
Let me be myself.

I miss her.

TOmorrow, i'm starting to get my mind think of only about inventory
pls, i hate to work on Sunday, but i have to, i can't resist this.
OMG hate to tell about works related things again.
What i have to do is only go with the flow.

Pls, i wanna be a strong girl mentally and physically!

I miss u
i wanna talk to u.
but u can't response!

i love her 

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