Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a question that ???

"does your sweet mama still alive?"

i don't really understand why you ask this. i think it's inappropriate question to ask.
i might answer it calmly but i don't think my mind and my rational would accept this question to ask.

and when i'm at home
a makcik ask my dad

'org rumah ustaz macam mano?"

and u think what is the appropriate answered by my dad?

and guys, could u please twist your question like this..
How's ur mom?
r ur mom okay?
or any question that consider not hurting or can made people will be sad and cry
not as stated previous.

I'm touched.
so sensitive kan me?

it's 2012
hopefully there are so many happy things will be captured.

thanks hols because you giving me more time to spend with my baby blog
forsure my B doesn't be bored for the past this week
expect my post everyday because of hols
i LOVE hols so much so it's affected my mood to work tomorrow

let my wishes fulfill and let make it happen
let do it real and let it will become true with your redho.
Amin Ya Rabbal ' Alamin

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