Monday, April 23, 2012

23rd April 2012..shl

whattaday! p trek, intend to jog, tp jupa mek thai dok bercerita pasai mskn n life dia.. then sbb ujan, blek uma lak dgr roomate berletiaq pasai mslh dia .. yes! actually i'm willing to listen to all the probs..but if there is someone or somenone to listen mine...

nak tweet pon x bley..
pasai pjg ngat tweet ni,
so admin twitter remind me
Your Tweet was over 140 characters. You'll have to be more clever.

so nak post jgk..
kene ngdap my baby boo blog la kann...

wish can gosok this classic menatang hapa nth namenye.. and kua genie comey rambut cm ipin,ikat pony tail.. perut comel buncit ke depan..btw ade ke buncit ke blakang ntah?

hey genie!, pls ask Aladdin to come here, really want to see him, doesn't he know i already change my name.
My name now is Princess Yasmin! haha.. r u my Aladin???

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