Thursday, September 17, 2009

-EuPHoRia HaRi RaYa-

alo guys
just wanna wish u all
happy becoming hari raya aidilfitri
may v all gt blessed 4rm HIM
and may happiness stay
those yg balek kg smga slmt smpai
n those yg xbalek kg..
chill out beb..
korg kn  x raye..
2 psl korg stay here..
whtever pn..
just enjoy our 1week holiday neyh
n 2mrow i'm gonna go back home
going to Ghombau n9 (excited abeh)
and u all r invited 2 my house for this raya
just call me 1st if u all wanna come k
n last but not least
SoRRy 4 d ThinGs Tht I've DoNE to U all
n hopeFully u All 4gve myseLF
n 4get ALL my WroNgDOinG
i'm just an ordinary girl 
sorry keh
4 pape hal yg x puas ati
klu2 ade utang yg lupe x settle g ke
klu ade just btau
maybe i lupe..
n bley settle kn scpt mgkin
0-0 k..

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