Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want u know?

My mind is gone

I'm spinnin round
And deep inside
My tears I'll drown
I'm losin grip
What's happenin
A strayed from love
This is how I feel

This time was different
Felt like I was just a victim
And it cut me like a knife
When you walked out of my life
Now I'm in this condition
And I've got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
But no matter what, you'll never see me cry

Did it happen when we first kissed
'Cause it's hurtin me to let it go
Maybe cause we spent so much time
And I know its no more
I should have never let you hold me baby
Maybe why I'm sad to see us part
I didn't give it to you on purpose
Can't figure out how you stole my heart

How did I get here with you I'll never know
I never meant to let it get so personal
And after all I tried to do
To stay away from lovin' you

I'm broken hearted I can't let you know
And I won't let it show
You won't see me cry

All my life

SILA perhatikan ayat2 yg di BOLD dan DI highlightkn dengan pelbagai warna
utk rujukan paragraph di atas shj yg dibawah sila abaikan
version cekgu maen bola
cekgu suke maen bola
hari2 cekgu maen bola
eh cekgu tdo
jom kte maen !!!
version maen game
saye suke maen game
tiap2 ari saye maen game
skg saye da x larat maen game
sume saye try games kt facebook game
skg mcm da bosan maen game
bile saye nk dapat kerja???yg betul2 bukan game
haa itu jwpn yg sume pon x bley jwb

version saye maen bola balek
saye suke maen bola
hari2 saye maen bola (dulu je skg x lg..2 pon kdg2 )
eh suda pg
jom  tdo
saye x tdo lg
version saye merapu
saye suke merapu
ari....ari ini je saye merapu
esok saye x merapu dah
saye macam mamai
jd saye nk tdo
Mood i mcm x besh atas sebab2 tertentu makanya terhasillah entry yang x kurang hebat tahap @#%$(^^) ni
huarghhh.. spe kco i tdo ni?
eeeee bengkekss btullah!!!

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