Saturday, February 13, 2010

What so special? Bday women

end of 12 FEBRUARY 2010
so i already 23 years old (tua kn)

my Birthday was on 12 February 1987
1 of my friend said that
don't get me wrong
february is a love month
not only because of valentines day ok

for me february are so meaningful coz
my MOM was also born on feb
which is on 28th of feb
n my bff also was born on FEB
my childhood bestfriend was on 13th(which is today)
dearie ms ELIN

my birthday so busy maen game kt FB ek
so this is the hasil harvest huhu
n deco3 bsma me

n tu menunjukkan btpa xd kerjanye i ek
duk umah men game je le :P
today my special present was
warmest hug n kisses from my mom
n some wishes that she whispers it thru my ears
well.... i love my mom
n DUNKIN DONUT yg my lil bro beli
tu pon sbb i yg pesan
sbg pengganti big apple sbb i rase mcm nk mkn big apple
of coz la
Terminal 1 tu mne da big apple
klu nk kne p jusco sbn 2 tu ha
oleh sbb die balek umah arini
so pesan kt die je
tu pon sbb die utang i lorh
so lebih2 paw je lah :p

actually i miss this 
last year celebration
surprise bday party form my dearie friends :)
d yummy my fav black forest cake :)

d marvellous friends of mine :)

the happiness created on that day :)

d laugh till cry :) scenes

 my love power puff girl friends with balloon wishes :)

great party with surprise presents that i appreciated it a lot :)

well i mish these all
d tepung in d muke
d spaghetti with mushroom sauce
d air that we drank
d black forest cake
d lilins
d balloons
d CAMERA BOY(can't state his name here)


n last but not least
the sweater that i wore in that pics
last time wearing it
n then kene kidnap kt manusia senget suke curik barang org
xbley btl nmpk sweater cun kne sidai..kne rembat aje
sumpah budak tu jd katak bley x?

haha kissing lorh.uihh silap2 kidding lorh :P
.siyes ni i suke sgt bju itu :(

know what beb, my 22nd bday was very happening, enjoyed,n happy
it were d fact that i can't deny up till 4eva i think
my sweet 22

one more thing, td my dearie twin bday girl called me
miss azwa yg comel
im so glad to hear that she is pregnant
3 month already
im happy for her
last year she married
wah same age like me n now she is mama to be
bit jealous (haha..don't laught at me k )
u all doa la i cpt2 kwen 
agagagagaga :P

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