Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Effa n Elin Episode 1

Once upon a time, there was a little kid named Effa. She was lovely and sweet. She had a friend, named Elin. Elin is also sweet and girlish like Effa. Elin and Effa spend their time together by playing around. (Kids always like to play such as cook, play toys, Barbie and outdoor activities too). Adults do jealous with them because they do not have to worry about problems. Elin was an Effa’s neighbor and a good friend of her. Effa had a very happy moment when she having a good time with Elin. (Eh please don’t think that Effa is les or whatever). Elin is only her good friend. Effa also do have others friends that always play together with them. But, only Elin was her best friend forever.

Elin and Effa know about each other before they get to go to kindergarten. Effa’s parent and Elin’s parent also having a good relationship as they staying near in their neighborhood. Effa always wake up late in the morning, but Elin do patiently waiting for her and they go to kindergarten together. Elin have a sweet voice, she likes to sing. She always sings together with Effa. Both of them are silly because they like to change lyrics and sing whatever song that they want by rearranges the lyrics. Sometime they do compose their own song that they think best. Actually that song not really nice but they do think it best.

Effa and Elin coincidently share same month of their birthday. February was their birthday month. And you know one thing? Effa was only one day older than Elin. Elin’s birthday was on 13th of February while Effa was on 12th February. It’s great right? What a coincident! They are good friend and also share the same special day. But it does a bit desecrate because they never celebrate it together. Effa might think they should celebrate it together but it’s too late to say about that because they already old now. Furthermore, their relationship now is not as warm as when they were in their childhood. Effa wonder if Elin still think about her or she just forgets their pass time.

Effa still remember when she was 9 years old. Effa and Elin do their homework and study together at Effa’s house. Effa rarely go to Elin house because her mom never gives her permission to do that. If both of them want to study, they should study at Effa’s house. After school period finish, Effa and Elin go back home, at evening they play together with all of their friends in the area. At night they study together. If it’s too late, Elin do stay at Effa’s house. Overnight there, because she scare to go back home. Furthermore, Effa is also scared to accompany Elin until she arrive her house. They do spend their night together at Effa’s house. Effa’s mom called Elin’s mom to inform that Elin is at Effa’s house.

da 2 be continue..
nnt i cte lak episod 2 kisah ini k
klu rajen nk smbung la kn
mgkin dalam version Bahasa Melayu lak ke
ni mls nk tulis esei english ni
actually bile wat mnde ni
i teringat kt cekgu ENGLISH i
name die teacher Azleen Yanti
she is a great teacher u know
sbb pe igt kt die?
sbb i ase cm nk tulis journal je
journal psl ape2 je
ala..xkn u x igt plak kn
kn die ade suh kte wat journal
xkisah la grammar hancus cmne pn kn..
mcm la u skola sme ngn i ek
mcm ne plak u all nk tau kn
celah mane plak u knl plak teacher i kn
sbb time die suh wat journal
mst i suke
sbb xya ssh2 nk pk pasal grammar
n journal bley cte pape2 je..
xd specific title
eh best gler lah
i suke story pasal my secret kt die
share about my good doing n not
sgt sronok
coz she is an open minded teacher yg
pnh aja i..
pnh gak i trase nk jd cekgu ENGLISH
sbb i ase cm best2 je
teacher Rahmawati pn best
mcm teacher Azleen gak..
Beliau mmg talented lah..
tp cite2 tuk jd cekgu ni
da xd
sbb i p interview TESL..
xyah cite
xde kene mengena ngn u all
k la
i nk layan ayu study JEPONNN
~weh..i sangat takut ni..sbb i ade xm yg da bomb rabu ni but still berblogging yek~
~wish me luck beb~


alongsyuhada said...

aku ingat!
tahu tym f4 cite psl cite omputih..
cite pe nth..
good approach utk ajar english even english aku still berterabur..huhu

Grace Arabella said...

yeeahh.. i miss tht time..