Tuesday, September 6, 2011

berhenti berharap

i nak berhenti berharap.
i nak move one step ahead.

berharap yang tahu tak akan dapat.
what for kan?
but at the same time, stubborn to let it go
because it hard to do so
i know it, how i know?
i just know it,
but why still hoping for uncertain things.
talking rubbish is easy
talking rubbishy word is necessary when it become to overcome the stressful.

sorry Dear B, cause i just let u know,
just let this to be posted here.
Pity of u too..

*ni apahal pulak merepek ni*
*mood raya xda tp mood malas nak kerja lebih lagi*

1 comment:

~fANaYb~ said...

smlt ari raye deng, bile mau raye ke umah aku plak ni..