Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kaizen for 2nd Time :)

My AM, Me hugging K.Rama d team leader n My Boss

our team! Boleh3x!!!

Augmented Speed Booster

I present nth hape2

I merapu lg pgg mic !

ntah hape2 ntah

our team kaizen

ME n myself with kaizen banner :)

All those tension for the past is because of this!
oh btw i don't like kaizen!
to be frank i just like the end of it!
haha got prizes and coupon!
finally we managed to finished this activity.
and we win!
haha 2nd place only.
But thank God, at least our tiredness and OT till late at night is paid with this.

Just 4 months here i already joined 2 times for Kaizen.
OMG can u imagine if i stay here a lil longer.
How many times i should join all this???
Unless i got another better offer so that i can avoid off this all.

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