Monday, February 21, 2011

Me n my friend :)

me :)

Yesterday i went to Putrajaya
for a date :)
sorry..he's taken so???
i went out with someone's bf???
btw his girl already knew about it indeed she gave permission to that guy to see me
(so good uh)
if i were that girl i won't give permission to my bf to see tetttttt
hehe :P

Okay to be frank, he likes me before, it's just that we're not be meant to be together
so he found another girl
(I don't know whether i should tell this)
Okay to be frank again, we didn't have any special relationship now
but i guess we are more to friends as i mentioned to him
we'll be good friend no matter what happened previously.

Just want to say sorry to his girl because he went for a date with me yesterday,
but i know his feelings towards me already disappeared once he found his new love.

he'll be my friend forever.
Okay, once u see this picture please don't get me wrong okay.
He's the only best friend of mine.
I also don't want to hurt his gf feeling. 

Dear Izham,
Thanks for everything and thanks coz being nice to me.
U r such a wonder guy that i've ever met.
Even, we are friends, i still loving u as my friend.
and i hope that our friendship would never meet the end of the road.
Just face the fact that whatever Allah plans for us :)
Thanks again for giving me a ride.
Btw Marea is nice to see and nice to sit also.
I like ur Fiat Marea :)
Thanks coz keep on 'layaning' me to camwhore :P
Thanks for the Burlesque movie :)
and final Thanks for the Ayam Penyet :p

with Fiat Marea owner

me n him

me n izham

1 comment:

iJoi said...

:) time ni mmg besh kan?
awk pon sporting hehe....
thanks ye sbb bg cokelat ngan selipar langkawi hehe...cute ler adiah tu..
thanks gak dpt bergambar bersama di putrajaya..sgt2 comel gambar2 tu :)...
akhir sekali ayam penyet yg amat sedap sampai merah2 lidah "pedas" hahak!!..awak jadikan hubungan kawan ini sesuatu yg indah :)..frank forever insyaallah...