Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy belated bday for me :)

already past!
yeah absolutely, but i think of it,
i wish for a special day,
somehow it is not fulfill but thank Allah,
i'm alive and still can breath for the 25th years
Thanks for the health, for the space and for everything that made me
a ME in many kind of ways.
grateful enough, but yet not really a great grate fuller,
i know all the wishes can and cannot be real,
but over hoping is also unhealthy habit to practice
yet to recover from broken heart also is somehow i see forbidden to proceed.
i tried to forget, and he came back, i can't resist his offer, i just can't.

there's a lot of challenge and to manage?
i don't really know how.
got a 25th bday present?
erm, i really want to show it but i'm a lil bit shy
if already transfer to lappy then i'll show it to you ok.

i'm done.
thanks for reading.(if there's someone who read this)

choc! love it!

untung la kalau dapat kek2 ni kan :P

1 comment:

iJoi said...

Happy besday...besornye kek tuu...untung la kalau dpt mkn sorg2 hahha