Monday, February 6, 2012

Selamat tinggal

It's February, Bulan 2
what's so special about TWO?
Like my BFF told earlier a month full of Love,
need TWO person to be love and in love right?
flashback , one of my bff bday was on 1st Feb, mine on 12th, my late mom on 28th, my childhood friend on 13th, my housemate, my ex schoolmate was weds on 4th..
happy bday to all :)

a lot of things happen,
many things to share,
but i just can't elaborate each of it.

selamat tinggal to my rent house, quit cozy there.
been here about more than 1 yr, but then i've never remember the address
so the no. is 22, DOUBLE TWO!

rasa xmau pindah, mmg sedih tinggalkan rumah ni
sedih nak tinggalkan, and yanti
owner pon da jual rumah ni kt pakcik seblah,
so pakcik mungkin nak renovate and besarkan rumahnye
btw pakcik ni sgt cool and baek
my tyre pancit hari tu pon die tolong buatkan
thnks pakcik :)

ok three of us need to move out
b'cause, Yanti  kawen on 4th Feb,

and i've been there at Yanti's house
watch her live akad nikah,
so touched (plus thinking hows mine in future)

and congratz Yanti, from 1 to be TWO!

unbelievable, one of my friend just married!

three of us yang sgt menyibuk on that day.
btw i love both of them :)

and finally, selamat berbahagia hingga Jannah :)
buat Yanti & Ukasyah :)

* and wajiblah hado gambar sendiri yg poyo2 *

blakon je x abes2 dak nih kan.. :P


~fANaYb~ said...

tmah, syud n dayen sangat cantek!!!!!

Grace Arabella said...

tima kasey fana :)