Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 WITH 4+1 A's

Dear B,

It's almost the end of the year 2012.
I would like to summarize my 2012 in short, but then...
It's okay, i don't think so that I'll share all of it.
Early 2012 is quite interesting for me.
A lot of things happen but then no sparkle impact in my life.
Mid of the year is more interesting, exciting and non expected.
I love mid of the year, there are so many things happen, that change my life a bit.
The significant of memories will be remain in my mind.

Let's back to the topic that would like to share
As you knows, My late luvly mom name is Azizah right.
My mom's name start with A.
so 2011,last year ALLAH takes her from us,
but then in 2012, ALLAH gives us another 4 A's that replace our mom,

Here they are!
Allah grant happiness for my sis and family with new born babies
to replace our deepest sadness last year.
2012 become cheerful and brighten our day with them all.
Allah send us another 4 A's to replace mom.
Thanks Allah for this happiness.
Coincidentally their name starts with A, except for Aleesya, she has Nur, but then we still call her Aleesya instead of Nur Aleesya.

Ateh Noora's tembam baby
 Aleesya Damia
~29th June 2012~

The twin of Alang Dila~Si kembar yang comel ~

Aufa Naurah (left)

Auni Nusrah (right)

~3rd October 2012~

last but not least
latest baby of Angah Aju

Annur Insyirah
~21 December 2012~

Allah did lend me an A also, 
but then it's just for a while, 
a happiness in short term but i do appreciate it 
because I learn to love someone and 
I experience an unique feeling at the end of this year,
 seriously I never felt this feeling before and wonder why i have to feel it, 
they say, at least u know how it felt to be love and in love,
 to be hurt and hurting the most..
Thanks again Allah, 
You made me realize that the only A that can be lasting forever, 
the only A that can't dump me, 
can be LOVE and in love forever is only you ALLAH

I'm hoping that my relationship with  A will last forever but then Allah knows better than anyone else right? 
Allah knows better than me, so just don't sigh and regret everything happen to me this year.
Things happen lately made me realize to "tuqarribbu Ilallah"
Wanna be more positive starting today, tomorrow and forever lahhhh 
May 2013 bring more happiness, joy, and prosperous for us

Give me a


can I?

A's yang ALLAH kurniakan hanyalah pinjaman,
Mak dah pun pergi
Anak2 buah jadi pengganti
tapi harus ingat,
 suatu masa nanti kita pasti akan pergi 
kepada yang hakiki,
semua yang ada didunia ni milik ALLAH yang abadi.
Tak ada yang kekal

one of my wishlist next year is, I want to be a good girl a better muslimah
ewaaah~ hehe :)
B, pls doa for me k :)
till meet again B
*hug n kisses*


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always pray 4 ur happiness dear..=)

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