Thursday, December 27, 2012

271112 and 271212

Can you see it clearly B?
It's been a month since A said he wanted to be my friend 
Then he wrote "something" on my November 2012 calendar
after he said that "hurt the most" statement
it is easy to say it right, but then to make it real it quite hard to do so.

I will keep the notes save with me..
Save in my memory!
and not in a month he's no longer mine.
I try to persuade my heart
cajole my heart with any other things
but yet it still hurt,

I don't want to be sad,
keep on pretending,
I just don't want that..

If only A knows that 
I love him more than he do..
Forever in love with him and just only him
eventho He's not loving me anymore
As I always said, Love him MORE!
and today 271212,
~DAY 30~
without daily notes that usually pass to him..
I just can only see him and talk without any true heart feeling expression.
I need to control myself from being overboard.
Know the limit of being friend!
and I think that he also want to get rid of me.
It is true i think, I can feel it..I just don't know,
seem that he also want to try it
Help me to be strong Ya Allah,
It's hurt when u can't even say your true feeling towards your loved one.
The pain that can't be described in a word.

Thanks Allah coz i can still smile eventho my heart was totally broken.
merely Thanks Allah, coz I can still smile in front of him.
Thanks Buddies (Diana, Syuhada, Shafrina and Izyana)
U are there when I always need you.
Patiently listen and hear my noise of tears, my pain of unhappy ending love story.
Thanks for being there.
Appreciated it so much.

Repeatedly read his note, make me smile for a while.
when this madness will stop from being seriously messed

P/s: B, actually i want to write more, but then i felt as u r no longer can listen to my heart destruction problem, so i'll handle it by myself. Hopefully it can cure soonest possible.

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