Monday, May 24, 2010


First and foremost i would like to thank myself because of being so honest today, but actually my message didn't receive to the one that i appointed. Why lately i can't stand too much. I do like my surrounding but the problem is i feel suffocating with what i feel right now. It is such uneasy feeling that i feel recently.Poor me, i can't get a permanent job plus i don't know how to find a place to stay during my becoming training period. It is just around the corner, but i didn't prepare anything for that. Dear God, help me please. I would love and appreciate if i can listen to my heart and do whatever i really want. i want to be brave enough and face the fact that are sometimes can be hard, harsh and cruel to myself. i need a treatment. a treatment for my soul, my heart, and i'm bit tired to like someone who don't even noticed me. I'm tired to wasting my cries for him. I really hate myself because of him. I don't know myself.
I only want him and I want him to know that i like him so much
P/s: care x bf i posing?

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