Thursday, May 20, 2010


N is my friend,
i can say she is 1 of my BFF,
so u can say i might be close to her
Yes, its true..
O is sum1
I don't really know him
I don't really like him
and i don't want to be his friend
he has a Good Look but
he is not actually a good guy that i like or i can mingle with
so O is annoying for me
O is badmouthing about my bff, D
D is her friend also
but O badmouthing her in front of me
I can't stand to hear the harsh word that he said to D
so I left the place just like that.
If u were me ...
can u tell D what actually O had said to her?
btw i can say that O doesn't know that i am D's friend
so he just throw out his word without any doubt or worry
am I too bad if i just keep it by myself
if i'm keeping my mouth shut, do the problem resolve?
i'm actually not satisfied with what O had labeled D as what he think
I hate O because he said that to D
When u be friend with every1 u can know his or her attitude
either bad or good
u can be his or her friend
but hopefully u will not be influenced by them
I wonder know
Should i tell or just be silent
and pretend nothing happen
is it right?
so i do prefer to be silent

1 comment:

~cinderella~ said...

do what ever u feel rite dear..
maybe u can solve d problemsbetween them =p