Tuesday, May 4, 2010

me not myself

sometimes u tell the truth for something that u really hope that the person to know it..who u want them to know and to understand u...but they actually can't understand u enough..sometime u hoping that they would know u would understand u but they don't..even if u said it or just keep it by urself..it still didn't work at all..sometime u really want they to know but u can't tell them..It's hard to tell the truth..but it's depend..no matter what..life must go on..now i want to left u behind..sorry coz i'm ignoring u..things is i don't want u hoping for me again.. i just want it become naturally..things that unexpectedly happen..

I don't recognize u at all
please don't put blame on me
please stay away

jealousy please go away
i need purely myself again
i don't want to get influenced by the thing that unnecessary to think about..
I am me..I am not u..u can't be me..

please ...please..go away!!!

i'm bit messy right now
i can't think well
but don't worry
i'll eating well :)

i miss u so much!
i have a story to tell about
but i'm quite bz right now
but if i have time to blogging
i will tell u okay..
don't be mad at me..
just take care of urself

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