Sunday, May 9, 2010


The beautiful scenery that i snap from the balcony of my room
The Things why i uploaded this picture is because i have only 1 week left to see this beautiful and green scenery. i might miss this place but my mind now is focusing to come back home.
im a homesicker i can't deny that and i can't endure to be far away from my home. Well, i miss my mom n dad.

i need to sleep alone today as usual when it comes to weekend time, i'm damn bored stuck in here, i have a place to go but i can't go because i've no transport at all. Poor of me :(

i've decided to let myself free from everyone.
it's been a long time since i've never felt this before.
why so touching today?
have you ever feel that no1 need u?
no1 care 4 u?
no1 noticed u?
no1 want u?
no1 miss u?
no1 love u?

i'd screwed up everything, i spoiled it again.

E da xde..mgkn E da xnk kwn ngn kte. Kte rndu kt E. Knp E xnk kwn ngn kte lg?
E mcmne skg? E sht ker? E ok ker? knp dgn E? btl ke da xmo kwn kte? Kte rndu kt E. Rindu sgt2 ni.

E=fahrin ahmad
sila harap maklum ye

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